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The dark-tressed lovely brought her unsteady hands up to the
hasp of my belt. As she did, I dumbfoundedly noted that Lorena’s
hands were snaking around the girl, and gently kneading the
youngster’s small breasts through the satin covering.
Determinedly, Rebca unloosed my belt and pulled at the buttons
down the front, randomly brushing the side of her hand against my
fully tumescent sword. Suddenly, the loose trousers fell, baring
my ass in the back. They surely would have dropped to my ankles
but for being engaged on my pride and joy, which now was jutting
straight out.

Rebca’s hands dropped away, and she stared at the cloth covered
pole as though uncertain what her next task would be. She barely
noticed as Lorena drew the straps of her gown over her shoulders
and down her sides, pulling her willowy arms through. The small,
pear shaped breasts impetuouse poked out, the pale nipples as
hard as Lorena’s. Lorena whispered in Rebca’s ear, and then she
glanced over to the gauze-blocke vestibule. Rebca nodded, and
grasped my pants at the sides, near the front, and slowly worked
them down – past the tip of my cock – and down to the floor. The
rod bobbed in front of them, and I could have sworn I heard a
sharp drawing of breath elsewhere in the room. The two maids’
faces momentarily were frozen; Lorena’s in the open-mouthed smile
of a child who has just discovered cocoa-based candy, and Rebca’s
in an indescipherable, mesmerized stare.

I have had but a few lovers, but those in a position to know –
such as my renowned flute instructor Mademoiselle Jeara and
Countess Fedragon (more of whom I will relate later) – tell me
that the length and breadth of my jewel is rarely matched by even
the largest of grown men. It must be true, for I fairly can say
that the two young women on their knees before me were suffering
from the sort of astonishment one normally would associate with a
great surprise.

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I thrust into Claire for a dozen strokes, then withdrawing my throbbing
juice soaked shaft, I drove it into Tracy’s gaping, upturned mouth. She
choked slightly on its length as it thrust down her throat, but as she
relaxed it slowly slid deeper and deeper down her gullet, before the
swollen head lodged deep in her throat. Withdrawing slightly so that she
could lick and suck my length clean of Claire’s cunt juice, I repeated the
process with the other sister by shuffling around to the other end and
turning them over. I plunged my cock into Tracy’s cunt, letting Claire suck
it clean afterwards.

After shafting each girls cunt a couple of times I felt my resistance
giving way. Plunging deeper into Claire’s cunt I sprayed my first spurts of
spunk deep inside her, before whipping out my spurting cock to cover
Tracy’s face with sperm as I tried to plunge it into her gaping mouth.
Finally succeeding in plugging my throat with my still spurting cock

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Suddenly I felt my shaft engulfed by a hot slippery cunt, looking between
Claire’s swinging tits I watched as Tracy straddled my throbbing cock,
slowly embedding it to the hilt in her hot pussy. Bouncing up and down in a
smooth slow rhythm, she brought herself to climax shouting and screaming
for me to fuck her harder. Tracy’s juices ran down my shaft, to be massaged
into my swinging balls by Tracy’s nimble grasping fingers until they were

Changing positions, they faced each other with Claire crouched over
Tracy, heads thrust between the others thighs, sucking on each others
cunts. I knelt up behind them in term, plunging my rock hard cock into
their proffered cunts, while the other sucked the base of my embedded shaft
and swinging balls.

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Claire cupped my balls in her hand, gently fondling and squeezing them,
before crouching under her sister to lick and slaver my balls until wet.
Taking my balls into her mouth, first one then both together, she sucked
avidly on them.

They swopped back and forth, first one then the other sucking my meat,
until sinking to the ground, I pulled Claire over me so that her smooth
cunt covered my face. Twisting my tongue into her juicy hole I licked and
sucked at her delicious love box. I soon found her clit to bite and suck,
until it brought her to a shattering climax, drenching my face with her
juices, while she and her sister continued their oral administrations of my

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Claire knelt up to slip her panties down, revealing a cleanly shaved quim,
again tanned and smooth, with pouting red lips. Tracy followed her sister
to reveal a neatly trimmed thick black pubic mound cut in the shape of a
heart, but with the lips of her sex shaved clean. They both shuffled over
to me and grabbing my shorts tugged them down to my ankles. The elastic
waistband of my shorts caught on my erection, dragging it down only to let
it spring back to slap wetly against my stomach revealing a swollen, very
thick, erect 10″ cock. Tracy started to lick and kiss my large purple knob
end, wetting it with saliva before easing into her mouth. My cock being
very thick with a large head, it filled her mouth, but her tongue and teeth
set to work, licking, nibbling and scratching what she could get in, then
suckling it like a baby does a mothers teat.

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After a while the conversation got around to the original reason for our
meeting. Their fantasies were quite spectacular, and very erotic. They had
always fantasised together, and one of those fantasies was about being
“gang banged” by a group of men. In a brave moment of frustration they
wrote to the magazine to advertise for suggestions in fulfilling their

The revealing of their innermost fantasies got us very worked up so I
suggested that they show me what they had to offer in the way of physique.
Giggling and joking they agreed, removing their T-shirts to reveal two
pairs of large firm breasts, with large erect nipples. I immediately felt
my cock stiffen, especially as first Tracy then Claire slipped off their
jeans to reveal very small silky panties. At this point Claire demanded
that they see what I had to offer. I didn’t argue, so standing up I removed
my shirt, sandals and trousers. Left standing there in just my boxer shorts
I waited for them to continue.

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We got on very well and agreed to meet the following morning to continue
our chat. No plans, nor even the original reason for the meeting had been
mentioned, so I went back to my hotel for the night to dream of them alone.

The following day we met in my hotel at about 10 o’clock, to go site
seeing. They lived about 2 miles from the sea, so we drove out to a cove
there. It was breezy but very warm, being mid September. The beach was
deserted, but we moved back into the dunes behind to get away from the
wind, and sat down on a travel rug to chat.

I had brought a picnic basket from the hotel, from which I took a bottle of
wine. We sat there drinking wine and chatting about almost everything.

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That Friday, I set off for the meeting in my best bib and tucker, hoping to
get there early enough to stop in the hotel first. But traffic being what
it is I eventually arrived with minutes to spare, having searched for the
pub in the wrong place first.

I managed to identify the sisters quite easily from Claire’s description,
and to my pleasant surprise her description wasn’t stretching the truth, in
fact it hardly did them justice. Both were very pretty and in their early

I introduced myself and we chatted generally for a while. Claire being the
oldest of the sisters was 25, blonde with large blue eyes, about 5′ 11″,
with a tanned, slim and athletic figure. From what I could see though she
had large firm breasts. Tracy, the other sister, was younger than Claire by
two years. She had very long black hair in a pony tail. Again tall, about
5′ 9″, with a fuller figure, but not fat and milky translucent white skin.

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Having bought a “direct contact” magazine recently hoping to find
excitement and a steady mate, and desperate to broaden my horizons. I
replied to an advert in it asking for a gentleman or gentlemen to show two
girls a good time, any suggestions seriously considered.

About a week later I received a reply from the girls, who as it turned out
were sisters. They had received only two replies, both from cranks, so they
were very wary at first about my letter. I wrote back suggesting a meeting
to discuss their fantasy, giving my home number to show I was serious.

The following Monday, Claire one of the sisters, phoned me to arrange a
meeting for that weekend at a pub near where they lived. I booked a hotel
room at once, as they lived some 200 miles away.

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We settle on a bench seat aft and you gently place your arm around me, pulling
me closer. This time you kiss me longer and deeper. I feel your tongue enter
my mouth and press against mine. The feeling of electricity is instantaneous.
My tongue searches for yours and you cause a gentle pressure as we kiss for
several minutes. Placing my wine glass on the bench I reach to caress you with
both arms. Pressing my body against your chest you now know I have very little
clothing on. My nipples are erect and surely you can feel them through your
cotton shirt. You hold me tightly and continue the kisses. Finally you move
your head and kiss my cheek and then my neck. Oh, I love this so…

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You lead me to the galley and ask me to be seated at a small table there. The
shirt pulls up exposing most of my thighs as I sit. You open the refrigerator
and take out a bottle of Cabernet Blanc. Opening a cabinet and removing two
lovely wine glasses and then a cork screw. You sit opposite me and open the
wine. I’m getting very warm just watching you. Slowly you pour each of us a
glass, handing me one. Offering a toast you say “to the new lady in my life”.
I sip the wine and notice it’s slightly oakey flavor. You ask if I would like
to go on deck. I agree and we take out glasses and the bottle up the stairs. I
know you can see all of me as I climb the steps ahead of you. Did you notice
the wetness of my skimpy panties?

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Somehow I expect you to have a wide array of female apparel here, in various
colors and sizes. You tell me you can only offer one of your shirts, but since
it is nearing darkness no one will be able to see but you and I.

I can now appreciate the Van Husen commercials better. The blue oxford cloth
shirt felt wonderful against my skin. My upper thighs are covered by it and
the tails tickle me as I walk, barefooted of course. I have the sleeves rolled
up to my elbows and the top three buttons open. Hopefully you can only guess
that I have removed my bra, leaving me dressed in only bikini panties and your
shirt. You also change to tight often-washed jeans and a polo shirt, looking
spectacular. But then you’d look good in a paper sack, I’m sure.

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“Like her, I love her. She’s gorgeous.” You take my hand again and show me
all that’s to be seen topside and then we go below deck. It’s surprisingly
spacious below. Two large cabins, a galley, the head, the engine compartment
and lots of storage areas. The galley is very well outfitted, including a
microwave. I even see a computer in one of the staterooms.

If I were to write a romance I couldn’t have done it any better than this one
is beginning. The boat, the car, you are all exactly what I want. Slowly you
place your hand on the nape of my neck and press your fingers gently. I’m so
relaxed and yet still so excited. What an incredible feeling. At last, you
lean down and kiss me. Very lightly and so gently. Your lips are soft and
parted slightly. I respond, trying hard to control myself. As you break from
the kiss you smile again and ask if I would like to change into something else.

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We pulled away from the curb and you asked if I liked sailing. Very
enthusiastically I said “oh, yes, I love sailing.” We headed away from the
high rises and toward the water. A short time later, pulling up at the yacht
club the valet came to take the car. He opened my door first and I stepped out
looking around carefully. I’m still breathless and all you did was smile at me
and kiss my hand.

You exit the car and open the truck removing a large duffel bag. Coming to my
side you casually place your arm around my waist and guide me toward the
marina. So many lovely boats are berthed here, which one is yours? You move
your arm to unlock the gate and I pass through first, waiting as you again take
my hand and lead me down the ramp. These ramps were not meant for high heels
and you are careful to go slowly. Finally we walk past several slips and come
to the last boat. A beautiful 45 foot, motor sailor. We climb the 4 steps and
you lift me over the side. “Welcome aboard”, my new friend. This is “The Last
Resort”. “Hope you like her”.

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We seemed to talk at once. I said “Hello, thanks for the roses and I love the
car”. You saying, “Hi there, glad you got my note and were able to meet me on
such short notice”.

You looked even better than I remembered. You had removed your jacket and
loosened your tie. After I was safely strapped in the seat you casually
reached over and took my hand and kissed the back of it. Again I saw that
killer smile of yours and thought I must be dreaming to think this man is not
heavily involved with several ladies already.