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Claire cupped my balls in her hand, gently fondling and squeezing them,
before crouching under her sister to lick and slaver my balls until wet.
Taking my balls into her mouth, first one then both together, she sucked
avidly on them.

They swopped back and forth, first one then the other sucking my meat,
until sinking to the ground, I pulled Claire over me so that her smooth
cunt covered my face. Twisting my tongue into her juicy hole I licked and
sucked at her delicious love box. I soon found her clit to bite and suck,
until it brought her to a shattering climax, drenching my face with her
juices, while she and her sister continued their oral administrations of my

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The ways of love are many, or so they say. And I have been very attracted to
many men. Some I have known, in the Biblical sense, others only glimpsed from
a distance. Why can a stranger seen only briefly start the electricity flowing
through my body? Why can the thought of new hands touching my breasts make
them so excited? What activates the hormones, when I observe a man walking
toward me with obviously large equipment?

And why did I see you and know immediately that we would become lovers?
Walking around at lunchtime, looking for a new dress to ease my depression I
bumped into you, literally. I was looking in the shop window and you were
reaching into your suit pocket when it happened. I almost stumble and you
reach to steady me, brushing my breast with your open hand.

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I had seen her around the building from time to time. She had
a sweet face and a placid demeanor and seemed like a nice, plump
girl. I had no idea what kind of figureshe had, since she always
wore big, loose mu-mu dresses. At about 2:30 a.m. on the second
night of the blackout, after we had killed about two-thirds of a
bottle of cheap red wine that she’d brought, she announced she
really would prefer to stay with me rather than risk waking her
roommate (whom I’d always found more attractive) by coming home
late. Between the emotional shock of the breakup a few weeks before
and my weariness (an hour of sleep at a time was rare) and the
wine, I thought it sounded reasonable — and no more than that.
But in the darkness of my bedroom, I felt something against my
face, then something else. I stood and lit a candle and discovered
Barbie had absolutely enormous breasts. “Where did THOSE come
from?” I’d demanded. She’d laughed — gently, as with everything
else — and beckoned me back to bed. I was rather unprepared for
the body so carefully hidden under the loose, oversize dresses.
Imagine a woman who’s five foot tall, has 32-inch hips, a twenty-five
inch waist and a bra labeled 32-D … and who overflows the
brasierre’s cups.

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True, the day before she headed for JFK and her transAtlantic
flight, Annie and I lolled about in bed for about eighteen hours of
sexual bliss. True, June stopped by the very next day, flipped up
her skirt to reveal her pantyless cunt, grabbed her ankles and
winked at me upside down between her knees. But that was going to
be it.
Ahh well, I figured. I needed to spend more time at the
Selectric. And in a pinch, there were always the Palm Sisters and
Fond Memories. Hell, what was ten days? I told myself.
It could be a very long time, I told myself.
To my amazement, on the Thursday night that Annie left for
France and June left for Albany, I got a phone call from Philly:
Barbie Shelton was coming to town.
I had known Barb for about four years, at that point. She’d
lived with Bertha, also an NYU student, in the same building as me
during the Great Blackout of ’77 and had come down to keep me
company. Bertha knew I had just had a very bad breakup and was
going — quite literally — crazy. Barbie saved my life. No shit —
I was seriously contemplating suicide when she decided to take me
under her wing.

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Dave had held her by her hip on one side and literally by her cunt on the
other so that she couldn’t dislodge him. He had kept up the rubbing action on
her clit continuously so that she couldn’t decide if it was painful
or–terribly exciting.

Dave continued, in small strokes, to shove his cock back further into her
ass. She had taken it all.

“Like a bitch!” She thought.

He had gone into her to the hilt and rested a moment before beginning to
fuck her ass.

“like a bitch!” Alice thought.

He had made her come from the dual pressure of his hand on her clit and his
prick in her ass.

“I’m coming, Like a bitch!'” She thought as her orgasm erupted.

Dave had kept her coming for nearly three minutes. His hands had had to
hold her in place to prevent her gyrations from unseating him.

Finally his spurting into her ass ended things and the two fell in a
semi-swoon on his large bed.

Half an hour later Alice had put on her skirt and blouse, her underwear
stuffed into her purse.

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After that night, we returned to Mark’s apartment at least once a
week, for repeat performances. One night, during the week, two classmates
stopped by and Mark invited them in. Within seconds they were naked and
getting on the bed. Joe insisted that I have sex with them, too. They
didn’t even tell me their names, and before the night was over, both of
them had screwed me twice, and I had sucked them both off to climaxes.

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When I had finished dressing, Mark kissed me and ran his hand down
inside the top of my dress, feeling my breasts. I pulled away and yelled
for Joe to drive me home. He said that I had promised to do whatever he
wanted, and that now was the time to prove it. He then downed his entire
drink, spun me around and unzipped my dress. It dropped to the floor as he
said to Mark, “Check out this fantastic body! Have you ever seen any
I stood there, trembling and fighting back tears as Joe unhooked my
bra and pulled off my panties. I can never explain how embarrassed and
humiliated I was standing there, almost naked, in front of a total
stranger, and seeing the excitement blaze in his eyes.
Joe pushed me down on Mark’s lap and went to make another round of
drinks. Mark’s hands were all over my body – squeezing, caressing,
rubbing. Feeling my breasts, squeezing my hard nipples, until finally, his
hand forced its way between my thighs and found my clitoris. Joe returned
with the drinks and said, “Let’s go to the bedroom,” where they both
undressed and pushed me on the bed between them.

That Friday night (and Saturday morning!) from 9:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.,
the three of us participated in a sex orgy that was totally unbelievable
and beyond anything I had ever dreamed possible. Joe screwed me three
times, and Mark screwed me four times! Each of them sucked me until I
reached orgasms, and I sucked both of them off twice. While Joe was
screwing me, Mark straddled my chest and put his cock into my mouth. Then
they would switch, and Mark would screw me from behind as I sucked Joe,
lying on the bed. Joe fell asleep first and then Mark, and that’s the
order I woke each of them the next morning, by sucking them to orgasm.

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One day, after classes resumed after Christmas break, Joe came home
from class and, out of the blue, told me he wanted me to dress up in my
black outfit and go with him to a friend’s apartment. He said he wanted to
show my outfit to his friend. When I absolutely refused, he announced that
there would be no more sex, not even sucking, and left the house to live
with his friend.

Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore and called Joe at his friend’s
apartment. People (including Duane) were asking me where Joe was and why
he wasn’t home. But the real reason was, I now needed my constant sex, and
I especially needed Joe to suck me off to my wonderful orgasms. On the
phone, I pleaded with Joe to come back and he didn’t agree until I told him
I would do anything he wanted me to do.

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Joe soon told me that he wanted me to go out and buy a very specific
sexy outfit for him. Everything was to be black. The dress was to be very
short and tight. I was also to get a sexy lace bra and tiny lace panties,
garterbelt, stockings and the highest patent leather, high heels I could
find. I bought the items as soon as I could afford them, finding the shoes
at a Goodwill store. Of course, I had to hide my new outfit so that Duane
wouldn’t see it.

Almost everyday, when I dressed up in my outfit, it would drive Joe
absolutely nuts. He would go wild and our lovemaking hit new heights of
excitement. I would walk around in my outfit for him, and then he would
undress me down to the garterbelt, nylons and heels and I would keep those
on as we made love and sucked each other. We had a wonderful relationship.
We would carry on like this everyday and I would have two, three, even
sometimes four orgasms a day!

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Duane and I have been married nine years and we normally made love
maybe two or three times a month, and, although I was unaware of this, I
had never experienced an orgasm in all the years of my marriage. We had
sex in the traditional, “missionary” position, and as soon as Duane reached
his climax, he would get up and take a shower, and then I’d take mine. To
me, the sex felt good, but I thought that was all there was to it. We had
never tried, or even discussed, oral sex or anything else for that matter.

Duane’s job keeps him on the road constantly and he is gone more than
he’s home. We bought a house when we moved to Baltimore, and the upkeep
and expenses in the area are demanding. We live near a large state
university and decided to rent out a room to a college student. Duane and
I didn’t want just anybody living in our house, so we were fortunate enough
to have a church member recommend her nephew to us.

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Dave had settled down for a long screw. He had pulled her knees up to his
chest. He had pulled her legs straight and put them on his shoulders. He had
turned her hips on their side, screwing her all the while.

Dave had come a second time and had barely allowed her to get her breath
before his fingers were buried in her snatch.

“He’s treating me like a bitch!” She thought. The thought made her hot.

He had played her body like a violin, keeping her on the edge of orgasm
for minutes at a time.

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He paid more attention to her pussy than Mark did. He licked the whole
slit, running his tongue up and down her whole length, even darting in and out
of her well fucked hole. He knew when he was getting to her and as the second
orgasm approached he went down on her with a gusto, matching each stroke of
his tongue with one from the finger in her virgin ass.

As she came the second time, Dave waited for her to relax and was in her
in a matter of two seconds.

She had come instantly, again.

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When she had refused, he had simply moved her to the desired position.

As she showed herself, he had stroked her mound, rubbed her breasts, and
generally tried to keep her horny.

It had worked.

He had gotten her ready to make love a second time by eating her. Alice
had resisted this. She had never allowed Mark to lick her after they had had
sex. It seemed so–Wrong.

Dave ignored her and went down on her, licking her with much more energy
than Mark did, making her come twice.

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“You are an expert,” Garolynn said as she licked her lips where some of
Peter’s cum had rubbed off from Janis’s mouth. “Where did you learn to do
that?” “My first husband,” Janis replied. “He made me suck his cock right
after we were married. He liked to get sucked off and we would practice a
lot. His sperm tasted way different that Peter’s. When I got divorced, I
dated several men. Sometimes I would suck them off rather than fuck them. “He fucked me about once a week but
would never consider oral sex. He thought it was dirty, or something. Since
our divorce, I have had some experience with other men, but not in the oral
department, like you Janis. I have had men please me orally, but that was a
new experience just a few years ago. I have sucked on men’s cocks but,
believe it or not, Peter was the first person to cum in my mouth just this
afternoon. I was surprised by the amount of cum and the taste, although I
must admit, Peter, it didn’t taste as bad as I thought it would. But then
Janis says everybody is different, so maybe I started at the top of the taste
pile,” she giggled. “I have never made love to a woman before today and
really had negative feelings about it. However, while I would not say it is
my preference, I enjoyed making love to you Janis. You are a treat to watch
when you are cumming. I knew that was you this afternoon, but I couldn’t be
sure until you came tonight. I wish I could get into it that well. When I
cum, its good, don’t get me wrong; but when you cum, your whole body is in it.
Its like you are in some other world. And Peter, you are a great partner.

found that most men like to be sucked off and if I swallowed the sperm, they
appreciated it more. I’m no expert, but I suppose I have sucked 3 or 4
different men off over the last several years. I have gotten to where I
really enjoy sucking men off, albeit some men’s sperm taste far better than
others.” “My, that’s quite a summary of your sex life,” replied Garolynn.
“Well, we’re all friends here, aren’t we?” asked Janis. “At least I hope so
as we have each played with the other’s sexual fantasies here for the last
couple of hours.” “My husband was not nearly as sexually oriented as your
first husband, I guess,” said Garolynn.

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It was in the early spring of 1981, and the weather was warm for the
first time that year. I was finishing up my junior year in high school,
and decided to take a bicycle ride. I left my Vienna, Virginia home and
peddled away. I was bicycling on Rt 193 (I think), and found myself
near the turnoff for Great Falls National Park. I decided to go
there. I was bicycling down this dirt path, when I decided to go
towards the Potomac River, which was down some rocks. Since I didn’t
want my bicycle stolen and I didn’t have a lock for it, I carried my
Bike. It was near the river when I met up with the to ladies. One was
Brittish and was wearing a sear blouse and a black bra. The other woman
was Iranian, and was wearing a sweater on top and black jeans. I
started talking to them, and it became apparrent that the Iranian wanted
to go further down the path (and over some rocks), but the Brittish
lady did not want to. It looked fun to me, but I could not proceed
because of my bike. The Brittish girl offered to watch my bike, and I
went on with the Iranian.

She and I walked down the path, up and down the rocks when eventually,
we came across a steep cliff (which was about 8 feet (or 2.5 meters)
high. I was able to scale the cliff, and once on top, I offerred her
my hand, which she took. While pulling her up the cliff, her sweater fell
a bit away from her chest, and I was able to see her naked breasts (she
was not wearing a bra). I guess I was staring, because she asked me if
I liked what I saw, and I just blushed. When she got to the top, I
think she noticed that my dick was hard, but I wasn’t sure if she had
noticed. We continued walking, and I kept trying to look down her
shirt. She started complaining about the heat (it was getting upto
about 80 degrees), and eventually we reached an isolated spot from which
we could not be seen, and we sat down and talked. After a while, she
asked if I would mind if she took her sweater off because of the heat,
to which I replied no. She then stripped her shirt off, and I tried not
to stare. We continued talking about politics (her home country had
just undergone a revolution), and people, and such.

After a while, I realized that I had to pee. I told her that nature was
calling, and told her that I was going to relieve myself. She replied
that she too had to go. I went behind some bushes, unzipped my fly, and
started to pee. I could see her, but she was unable go see me from
below about the chest area. Anyways, I was watching her, and she was
looking at my face when she got up. I figured that she was going to go
behind some bushes, but instead she pealed off her pants and panties and
squatted. Being a 16 year old virgin, I lowered my head. When I
finished peeing, I stuffed my erect dick back into my pants and walked
back to the clearing. The Iranian woman had finished her buisness and
was laying out with nothing on. I sat down near her when she asked me
if I could put suntan lotion on her back. I said sure, and she rolled
onto her stomach and I spread the lotion on her back. I was purposely
avoiding her rear because I felt most uncomfortable fondling her there.
She had a different point of view though, and this became apparent when
she asked me “why don’t you put some on my butt?” I said ok, and
massaged the lotion into her behind.

While working the suntan lotion against her ass, I let my hands wander
to around the crack of her ass and near her pussy. When I felt her
pubic hair, I pulled my hand away, but when she didn’t react, I put my
hand back against her outer lips. I was very surprised when I felt how
hot and soft her was (I guess I figured that since a man got hard, so
did a woman). I then ran my hand along her crack, and she moaned out
something like “what are you doing?” I pulled my hand away and said
“noting.” She then turned over onto her back and said “do more
nothing.” I then placed my hand over her muff and worked my fingers
around. As I entered her with one finger, she moaned for me to stop. I
stopped, and she worked around to my jeans and unzipped my pants. She
then pulled out my cock and started playing with it. I decided to take
my clothing off, and we where then both naked. I really didn’t know
what would happen next, but I was standing there wearing only a hard-on
with a beautiful woman who was about twice my age.

Fortunately, she knew what to do. She grapped my cock and pulled it to
her face. The wwas she pulled me, I ended up with my face against her
pussy. She then licked my member, and I figuredwhat the hell, and put
my nose up to her crotch. She didn’t smell bad (I guess I assumed she
would), and I licked her slit. She moaned and put my cock in her mouth.
I couldn’t imagine anything ever fealing better than that, but she then
started moving her toungue around. I enetered her pussy with my toungue
and felt it spasm. She continued to work over my dick, but I was so
turned on, I came fast. She swallowed my man juice and proceded to
tense up in an orgasm of her own. She then pulled away from my still
erect cock, stood up, got dressed and left.

I put my pants back on and ran after her. She said that she had what
she wanted, and asked me if I enjoyed it. I said yes, but is that all
there is? She looked at me and said, “I am old enough to be your
mother.” I was a feelling dejected, and it showed on my face when she
said something like “would you of rather nothing happened?” I then
realized what she meant. It felt good, we enjoyed ourselves, so isn’t
that enough? I walked her back to her friend, go on my bike, and
bicycled home.

The End.

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