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Claire knelt up to slip her panties down, revealing a cleanly shaved quim,
again tanned and smooth, with pouting red lips. Tracy followed her sister
to reveal a neatly trimmed thick black pubic mound cut in the shape of a
heart, but with the lips of her sex shaved clean. They both shuffled over
to me and grabbing my shorts tugged them down to my ankles. The elastic
waistband of my shorts caught on my erection, dragging it down only to let
it spring back to slap wetly against my stomach revealing a swollen, very
thick, erect 10″ cock. Tracy started to lick and kiss my large purple knob
end, wetting it with saliva before easing into her mouth. My cock being
very thick with a large head, it filled her mouth, but her tongue and teeth
set to work, licking, nibbling and scratching what she could get in, then
suckling it like a baby does a mothers teat.

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Having bought a “direct contact” magazine recently hoping to find
excitement and a steady mate, and desperate to broaden my horizons. I
replied to an advert in it asking for a gentleman or gentlemen to show two
girls a good time, any suggestions seriously considered.

About a week later I received a reply from the girls, who as it turned out
were sisters. They had received only two replies, both from cranks, so they
were very wary at first about my letter. I wrote back suggesting a meeting
to discuss their fantasy, giving my home number to show I was serious.

The following Monday, Claire one of the sisters, phoned me to arrange a
meeting for that weekend at a pub near where they lived. I booked a hotel
room at once, as they lived some 200 miles away.

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It was in the early spring of 1981, and the weather was warm for the
first time that year. I was finishing up my junior year in high school,
and decided to take a bicycle ride. I left my Vienna, Virginia home and
peddled away. I was bicycling on Rt 193 (I think), and found myself
near the turnoff for Great Falls National Park. I decided to go
there. I was bicycling down this dirt path, when I decided to go
towards the Potomac River, which was down some rocks. Since I didn’t
want my bicycle stolen and I didn’t have a lock for it, I carried my
Bike. It was near the river when I met up with the to ladies. One was
Brittish and was wearing a sear blouse and a black bra. The other woman
was Iranian, and was wearing a sweater on top and black jeans. I
started talking to them, and it became apparrent that the Iranian wanted
to go further down the path (and over some rocks), but the Brittish
lady did not want to. It looked fun to me, but I could not proceed
because of my bike. The Brittish girl offered to watch my bike, and I
went on with the Iranian.

She and I walked down the path, up and down the rocks when eventually,
we came across a steep cliff (which was about 8 feet (or 2.5 meters)
high. I was able to scale the cliff, and once on top, I offerred her
my hand, which she took. While pulling her up the cliff, her sweater fell
a bit away from her chest, and I was able to see her naked breasts (she
was not wearing a bra). I guess I was staring, because she asked me if
I liked what I saw, and I just blushed. When she got to the top, I
think she noticed that my dick was hard, but I wasn’t sure if she had
noticed. We continued walking, and I kept trying to look down her
shirt. She started complaining about the heat (it was getting upto
about 80 degrees), and eventually we reached an isolated spot from which
we could not be seen, and we sat down and talked. After a while, she
asked if I would mind if she took her sweater off because of the heat,
to which I replied no. She then stripped her shirt off, and I tried not
to stare. We continued talking about politics (her home country had
just undergone a revolution), and people, and such.

After a while, I realized that I had to pee. I told her that nature was
calling, and told her that I was going to relieve myself. She replied
that she too had to go. I went behind some bushes, unzipped my fly, and
started to pee. I could see her, but she was unable go see me from
below about the chest area. Anyways, I was watching her, and she was
looking at my face when she got up. I figured that she was going to go
behind some bushes, but instead she pealed off her pants and panties and
squatted. Being a 16 year old virgin, I lowered my head. When I
finished peeing, I stuffed my erect dick back into my pants and walked
back to the clearing. The Iranian woman had finished her buisness and
was laying out with nothing on. I sat down near her when she asked me
if I could put suntan lotion on her back. I said sure, and she rolled
onto her stomach and I spread the lotion on her back. I was purposely
avoiding her rear because I felt most uncomfortable fondling her there.
She had a different point of view though, and this became apparent when
she asked me “why don’t you put some on my butt?” I said ok, and
massaged the lotion into her behind.

While working the suntan lotion against her ass, I let my hands wander
to around the crack of her ass and near her pussy. When I felt her
pubic hair, I pulled my hand away, but when she didn’t react, I put my
hand back against her outer lips. I was very surprised when I felt how
hot and soft her was (I guess I figured that since a man got hard, so
did a woman). I then ran my hand along her crack, and she moaned out
something like “what are you doing?” I pulled my hand away and said
“noting.” She then turned over onto her back and said “do more
nothing.” I then placed my hand over her muff and worked my fingers
around. As I entered her with one finger, she moaned for me to stop. I
stopped, and she worked around to my jeans and unzipped my pants. She
then pulled out my cock and started playing with it. I decided to take
my clothing off, and we where then both naked. I really didn’t know
what would happen next, but I was standing there wearing only a hard-on
with a beautiful woman who was about twice my age.

Fortunately, she knew what to do. She grapped my cock and pulled it to
her face. The wwas she pulled me, I ended up with my face against her
pussy. She then licked my member, and I figuredwhat the hell, and put
my nose up to her crotch. She didn’t smell bad (I guess I assumed she
would), and I licked her slit. She moaned and put my cock in her mouth.
I couldn’t imagine anything ever fealing better than that, but she then
started moving her toungue around. I enetered her pussy with my toungue
and felt it spasm. She continued to work over my dick, but I was so
turned on, I came fast. She swallowed my man juice and proceded to
tense up in an orgasm of her own. She then pulled away from my still
erect cock, stood up, got dressed and left.

I put my pants back on and ran after her. She said that she had what
she wanted, and asked me if I enjoyed it. I said yes, but is that all
there is? She looked at me and said, “I am old enough to be your
mother.” I was a feelling dejected, and it showed on my face when she
said something like “would you of rather nothing happened?” I then
realized what she meant. It felt good, we enjoyed ourselves, so isn’t
that enough? I walked her back to her friend, go on my bike, and
bicycled home.

The End.

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Just Between Friends
They had been lovers, several years ago. A tormented 6 month relationship, that started off strong. After six months, Tom broke off the relationship, giving no reason for his decision. Robin had thought everything was going just fine. They had planned to first visit Robin’s family in Chicago for Christmas and then, continue to New York visiting Tom’s mom and friend. During their trip, their sex petered to none. The second day of the New Year, Tom called, breaking off their relationship. Robin was shattered, unwilling to accept that this very special guy had just broken off their relationship. Everyone had said they make a perfect couple and that they looked well with each other. Okay, so a few of his friends said he could do better. Robin was not the perfect female. She had a few weight problems that she was continually struggling against. Tom had wanted a small slight petite women, which Robin would never be or become. She could loose a hundred pounds and still never be a slight petite women. Robin was a big boned German women. Several years had passed, where Robin had gotten involved with someone else, loosing contact with Tom. She had wanted to stay friends, but didn’t know how. Loosing Tom’s friendship was another blow, to Robin’s fragile ego. Robin got engaged and was suppose to get married. Her new relationship was not working, no matter how she worked at it. During the last year of her new relationship, Tom reappeared in her life. She accepted his friendship without strings. She had grown up a lot over the years, and after her break-up with her fiancee, Robin had no desire for anything complicated or serious. She just wanted to play. Robin found herself more open to trying new things, like swingers clubs and drugs. Before, she had been conservative and held a tight grip on her feelings and self. Robin wanted to try new things and new people. Her friendship with Tom deepened, and she found she was spending more enjoyable time with him, being his friend.

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Newcastle University was great, away from home, meeting new people and being

able to do what I wanted without having to justify everything in front of

my parents. I enrolled in Business Management and enjoyed both my fellow

students and the course.

Apart from studying hard, I spend most of the time hanging around with my

friends at the student union or in one of the many bars in Town. Each Friday

night most of the students went to the student union. Continue reading Student Date Anal Sex

First Date Sex

These events took place whilst I was staying with a friend who lives in a

small village just outside Skegness in Lincolnshire, I’d visited him before

but this was the first time I’d gone alone and as I was alone I was staying

with his family in their spare downstairs bedroom.

On the first night we went out in Skegness and got drunk. We pulled a

couple of local slappers but aside from a little kissing and as much

touching as I could get away with nothing interesting happened. Continue reading First Date Sex

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