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That Friday, I set off for the meeting in my best bib and tucker, hoping to
get there early enough to stop in the hotel first. But traffic being what
it is I eventually arrived with minutes to spare, having searched for the
pub in the wrong place first.

I managed to identify the sisters quite easily from Claire’s description,
and to my pleasant surprise her description wasn’t stretching the truth, in
fact it hardly did them justice. Both were very pretty and in their early

I introduced myself and we chatted generally for a while. Claire being the
oldest of the sisters was 25, blonde with large blue eyes, about 5′ 11″,
with a tanned, slim and athletic figure. From what I could see though she
had large firm breasts. Tracy, the other sister, was younger than Claire by
two years. She had very long black hair in a pony tail. Again tall, about
5′ 9″, with a fuller figure, but not fat and milky translucent white skin.

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