I get wet just watching you

You lead me to the galley and ask me to be seated at a small table there. The
shirt pulls up exposing most of my thighs as I sit. You open the refrigerator
and take out a bottle of Cabernet Blanc. Opening a cabinet and removing two
lovely wine glasses and then a cork screw. You sit opposite me and open the
wine. I’m getting very warm just watching you. Slowly you pour each of us a
glass, handing me one. Offering a toast you say “to the new lady in my life”.
I sip the wine and notice it’s slightly oakey flavor. You ask if I would like
to go on deck. I agree and we take out glasses and the bottle up the stairs. I
know you can see all of me as I climb the steps ahead of you. Did you notice
the wetness of my skimpy panties?

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“Like her, I love her. She’s gorgeous.” You take my hand again and show me
all that’s to be seen topside and then we go below deck. It’s surprisingly
spacious below. Two large cabins, a galley, the head, the engine compartment
and lots of storage areas. The galley is very well outfitted, including a
microwave. I even see a computer in one of the staterooms.

If I were to write a romance I couldn’t have done it any better than this one
is beginning. The boat, the car, you are all exactly what I want. Slowly you
place your hand on the nape of my neck and press your fingers gently. I’m so
relaxed and yet still so excited. What an incredible feeling. At last, you
lean down and kiss me. Very lightly and so gently. Your lips are soft and
parted slightly. I respond, trying hard to control myself. As you break from
the kiss you smile again and ask if I would like to change into something else.

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I must have checked my hair and make-up at least five times. The afternoon
which had previously been moving so slowly now seemed to stop entirely. Would
5:15 never come? Why was I so incredibly excited? Where would we go? Would I
be able to speak intelligently, this time? I kept fingering and sniffing the
flowers to convince myself this was really happening.

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