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After a while the conversation got around to the original reason for our
meeting. Their fantasies were quite spectacular, and very erotic. They had
always fantasised together, and one of those fantasies was about being
“gang banged” by a group of men. In a brave moment of frustration they
wrote to the magazine to advertise for suggestions in fulfilling their

The revealing of their innermost fantasies got us very worked up so I
suggested that they show me what they had to offer in the way of physique.
Giggling and joking they agreed, removing their T-shirts to reveal two
pairs of large firm breasts, with large erect nipples. I immediately felt
my cock stiffen, especially as first Tracy then Claire slipped off their
jeans to reveal very small silky panties. At this point Claire demanded
that they see what I had to offer. I didn’t argue, so standing up I removed
my shirt, sandals and trousers. Left standing there in just my boxer shorts
I waited for them to continue.

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Hardcore sex date

Somehow I expect you to have a wide array of female apparel here, in various
colors and sizes. You tell me you can only offer one of your shirts, but since
it is nearing darkness no one will be able to see but you and I.

I can now appreciate the Van Husen commercials better. The blue oxford cloth
shirt felt wonderful against my skin. My upper thighs are covered by it and
the tails tickle me as I walk, barefooted of course. I have the sleeves rolled
up to my elbows and the top three buttons open. Hopefully you can only guess
that I have removed my bra, leaving me dressed in only bikini panties and your
shirt. You also change to tight often-washed jeans and a polo shirt, looking
spectacular. But then you’d look good in a paper sack, I’m sure.

Alice Sex Date

Alice had been naughty. Her lover was away for the weekend and she was
bored. When Dave called her, telling you about the concert tickets he had,
she knew what he wanted, but between the boredom and wanting to see the
concert (and Dave’s build) she went.

Dave did everything he could to turn her on. He had drinks at his place
ready before she left. she sat out on the lawn at the pavilion, drinking
wine. He put his arm around her, and at every opportunity Dave touched her,
stroked her, patted her, massaged her.

He spent a good ten minutes rubbing her forearms when she talked about
typing much of the morning. He spent longer on her back, and the kiss at the
end had seemed so natural.

The three that followed were more forceful. She didn’t protest when his
hand began rubbing her breast … she rather liked it.

On the way home his hand was under her dress as he drove, teasing her
pubic mound so that by the time she reached his apartment you were wet and as
horny as she could remember being. He took her on the rug in his living room,
and then later in his big bed.

For Alice, things had gotten out of hand … and she loved it.

Dave had continued to maintain possession of either her breast or her sex
the whole drive home. When they had entered the house he had begun kissing
her in earnest as he undressed her. His tongue had explored her in ways she
had always refused to her lover, Mark. Dave had simply been insistent. He
had tongued her mouth–deeply. He had gone all over her neck, licking her

Slut Hardcore Set

Okay, so I hate exercise-I admit it-I hate exercise. I’m getting better about
it I met you. My body’s not the best but you’ve gotten me to at least move and
finally after watching your buns and those great legs of yours, I brought my
bike out of mothballs. You’re a jock-no doubt about it and I wish I had a body
to match yours but for right now I’ll settle for just being able to lose 2 lbs
a week.

I have found though that you’ve caused my rides to be a little more exciting
lately than I remember them as a child. Last week as I was arguing with myself
about the many reasons why I shouldn’t go for a ride like I don’t feel like
it…it’s too hot…I don’t want to…I need to do some paperwork for
work…when I heard a knock on the door. And there you were in your biking
shorts holding your bike. I was totally shocked because usually you never come
to visit and you’ve made so many remarks about the fact that I ride too slowly
so I assumed you would never ask me to go for a ride. But there you are-God,
how I lust after you when you’re in those black shorts-they leave nothing to my
overactive imagination. You’ve been out for a while because you’re soaked with
sweat making the curves of your muscles even more visible.

The look on your face is pure satisfaction-“So, want to go for a ride? I’ve
done 40 miles so far and you can survive another 10, can’t you?”

Oh, shit-I think to myself-he’s doing well-he’ll beat me into the ground but I
smile and sputter, “Sure, you know I’m slow though” I’ve got to change-oh,
damn, now he’s going see that I haven’t got a tan or even a shade of a tan-at
least my legs are shaved. I put on my sweat shorts and my jersey and wheel my
bike out.

I’m thinking-You’re used to racing and you’ve got a bike set up for it-there’s
no way I can match you-I’ve got a mountain bike that weighs twice as much as
yours-I outweigh you by a good amount. And you’ve been in training for months.
Oh, well the pain’ll be over soon.
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First Date Sex

These events took place whilst I was staying with a friend who lives in a

small village just outside Skegness in Lincolnshire, I’d visited him before

but this was the first time I’d gone alone and as I was alone I was staying

with his family in their spare downstairs bedroom.

On the first night we went out in Skegness and got drunk. We pulled a

couple of local slappers but aside from a little kissing and as much

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