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The dark-tressed lovely brought her unsteady hands up to the
hasp of my belt. As she did, I dumbfoundedly noted that Lorena’s
hands were snaking around the girl, and gently kneading the
youngster’s small breasts through the satin covering.
Determinedly, Rebca unloosed my belt and pulled at the buttons
down the front, randomly brushing the side of her hand against my
fully tumescent sword. Suddenly, the loose trousers fell, baring
my ass in the back. They surely would have dropped to my ankles
but for being engaged on my pride and joy, which now was jutting
straight out.

Rebca’s hands dropped away, and she stared at the cloth covered
pole as though uncertain what her next task would be. She barely
noticed as Lorena drew the straps of her gown over her shoulders
and down her sides, pulling her willowy arms through. The small,
pear shaped breasts impetuouse poked out, the pale nipples as
hard as Lorena’s. Lorena whispered in Rebca’s ear, and then she
glanced over to the gauze-blocke vestibule. Rebca nodded, and
grasped my pants at the sides, near the front, and slowly worked
them down – past the tip of my cock – and down to the floor. The
rod bobbed in front of them, and I could have sworn I heard a
sharp drawing of breath elsewhere in the room. The two maids’
faces momentarily were frozen; Lorena’s in the open-mouthed smile
of a child who has just discovered cocoa-based candy, and Rebca’s
in an indescipherable, mesmerized stare.

I have had but a few lovers, but those in a position to know –
such as my renowned flute instructor Mademoiselle Jeara and
Countess Fedragon (more of whom I will relate later) – tell me
that the length and breadth of my jewel is rarely matched by even
the largest of grown men. It must be true, for I fairly can say
that the two young women on their knees before me were suffering
from the sort of astonishment one normally would associate with a
great surprise.

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We got on very well and agreed to meet the following morning to continue
our chat. No plans, nor even the original reason for the meeting had been
mentioned, so I went back to my hotel for the night to dream of them alone.

The following day we met in my hotel at about 10 o’clock, to go site
seeing. They lived about 2 miles from the sea, so we drove out to a cove
there. It was breezy but very warm, being mid September. The beach was
deserted, but we moved back into the dunes behind to get away from the
wind, and sat down on a travel rug to chat.

I had brought a picnic basket from the hotel, from which I took a bottle of
wine. We sat there drinking wine and chatting about almost everything.

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Having bought a “direct contact” magazine recently hoping to find
excitement and a steady mate, and desperate to broaden my horizons. I
replied to an advert in it asking for a gentleman or gentlemen to show two
girls a good time, any suggestions seriously considered.

About a week later I received a reply from the girls, who as it turned out
were sisters. They had received only two replies, both from cranks, so they
were very wary at first about my letter. I wrote back suggesting a meeting
to discuss their fantasy, giving my home number to show I was serious.

The following Monday, Claire one of the sisters, phoned me to arrange a
meeting for that weekend at a pub near where they lived. I booked a hotel
room at once, as they lived some 200 miles away.

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A week passed and June came back earlier than planned —
because, she said, she’d missed me and was itchy for me.
Barbie had left for home two days before and I was randy as
I got over to June’s apartment at six. I had just sold a
piece and was feeling jubilant. As soon as the door was closed, she
got a liplock on me and the only thing that kept my cock out of her
was the aroma of broiling steak. She fended me off and we had a
delicious meal. I didn’t do it justice; I kept thinking of desert.
When we got upstairs, June wanted to tell me of the Special
Olympics regionals and I was more than willing to listen. But after
forty minutes, as we were closing doors and shutting windows (heat,
remember?), she suddenly turned to me and said, “Oooooh — I am so
itchy thinking of a big rubber dick.”
“I was surprised you could take that big dildo in your little
cunt,” I admitted.
“I told you my boyfriend-boss was very big,” she said.
“I thought you meant simply tall.”
“I don’t want to think about him,” she said. “I want to be
with you. We can always use that big rubber cock.”
I smiled sadly. “I didn’t think to bring it with me,” I
confessed. I was standing behind her and slid my hands under her
blue sweater to hold her nipples. She pushed her ass against me and
shifted impatiently from one foot to the other, her breath hissing.
“But — we can improvise.”
She reached back and rubbed my cock through my pants. “This
cock is so nice and hard — ” I bent and licked the back of her
neck. She shivered and said, “And this tongue is so nice and wet –”
“I want to fuck you — now!” I breathed into her ear.
That’s when I began to discover just how kinky this lovely
little Singaporean girl really was.

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Dave had held her by her hip on one side and literally by her cunt on the
other so that she couldn’t dislodge him. He had kept up the rubbing action on
her clit continuously so that she couldn’t decide if it was painful
or–terribly exciting.

Dave continued, in small strokes, to shove his cock back further into her
ass. She had taken it all.

“Like a bitch!” She thought.

He had gone into her to the hilt and rested a moment before beginning to
fuck her ass.

“like a bitch!” Alice thought.

He had made her come from the dual pressure of his hand on her clit and his
prick in her ass.

“I’m coming, Like a bitch!'” She thought as her orgasm erupted.

Dave had kept her coming for nearly three minutes. His hands had had to
hold her in place to prevent her gyrations from unseating him.

Finally his spurting into her ass ended things and the two fell in a
semi-swoon on his large bed.

Half an hour later Alice had put on her skirt and blouse, her underwear
stuffed into her purse.