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We seemed to talk at once. I said “Hello, thanks for the roses and I love the
car”. You saying, “Hi there, glad you got my note and were able to meet me on
such short notice”.

You looked even better than I remembered. You had removed your jacket and
loosened your tie. After I was safely strapped in the seat you casually
reached over and took my hand and kissed the back of it. Again I saw that
killer smile of yours and thought I must be dreaming to think this man is not
heavily involved with several ladies already.

Fucking for a ride

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Handing me my purse you also press your hand in mine again. I ask your name
and apologize for running into you. (Why do we always lie in these situations?)
You tell me it was your fault and take a card from your pocket, handing it to
me also. I notice your name, Trevor Brown. Business consultant. Not
knowing what to do or say next I’m relieved when you ask if you may call me.
Taking my own card and quickly writing my home phone number on the front I
answer yes, please do.

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