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We settle on a bench seat aft and you gently place your arm around me, pulling
me closer. This time you kiss me longer and deeper. I feel your tongue enter
my mouth and press against mine. The feeling of electricity is instantaneous.
My tongue searches for yours and you cause a gentle pressure as we kiss for
several minutes. Placing my wine glass on the bench I reach to caress you with
both arms. Pressing my body against your chest you now know I have very little
clothing on. My nipples are erect and surely you can feel them through your
cotton shirt. You hold me tightly and continue the kisses. Finally you move
your head and kiss my cheek and then my neck. Oh, I love this so…

first threesome of Carol

Carol’s First Threesome

I have always had this desire to have a threesome with another woman and
a man, and the other day this desire of mine came true. But let me start
at the beginning.

My name is Carol, and I’m twenty five, and I work in a shop in the
center of town. I think I’m very nice looking, for I have a first class
figure, and I like sex more than anything else in the world.

I am bi-sexual, and found that out some time ago, and making it with
another woman is very nice. But, to be honest, for a real thrill, for
the best possible orgasms, I go to a man, for I only feel really happy
and satisfied when I have a nice red hot cock inside of me.

Well, although I had made it with other women, I always had this
secret desire to have a threesome, a man, and me, and another woman, but
try as I might, I had been unable to get it together ….. until a few
days ago that is.

I was out shopping when I ran into Jane, and I hadn’t seen her for
ages. She is the same age as me and we used to fuck with each other
quite a lot, and then we sort of drifted apart.

We were both pleased to see each other, so we went into this little
coffee bar for a drink and a chat.

“Where do you live now?” I asked, for she had moved out of town six
months earlier.

“I’ve moved back,” she said. “I live just around the corner from
you. I’ve only been back a few days, and I was meaning to look you up.”

I stared at her across the table, and then picked up my cup. She
looked lovely with her long blonde hair and her sexy eyes and her lovely
smile. Just looking at her reminded me of the times we had fucked, and
thinking about that made the juices cream up inside me.

“Perhaps we could get together again sometime?” I suggested.

“That would be nice,” she said, she nodded and then she smiled. “I
remember how lovely your pussy used to taste,” she went on. “I loved
going down on you and licking your cunt.”

“I loved the taste of your sweet pussy also,” I said, and looked at
her and added. “how about getting together again?”

“I live with this man called Bill,” she said.


“But come around and see me, Carol,” she said. “Come round and we’ll
have a threesome. I’m sure you’ll like Bill, he’s a great lover, with a
huge cock, and I’m sure he’d really love to get his cock inside you.”

“You always did say what you were thinking, Jane,” I said.

“No point in beating around the bush,” she replied. “look, here’s my
new address, come around this evening; meet Bill, and if you like him
then we’ll all get it together.”

“If you like him, them I’m sure I’ll like him,” I said.

“He has the tastiest cock that I’ve ever sucked,” she said, and she
stirred some sugar into her coffee.

“I like good tasty cock,” I replied.

“Yes, I know you do,” she said. “Not only has he got this huge cock,
but he really does know how to use it.”

“That’s nice,” I whispered, and the thought of a threesome that very
evening was making me very wet indeed, so wet that I thought my panties
would be a real mess when I got home.

“Look, come around about eight this evening,” she said, and she
finished her coffee and stood up. “I’m sure you’ll like him, and anyway,
I’m really looking forward to sucking out that pussy of yours again.”

“And I’m looking forward to tasting your cunt cream once more,” I
told her.

She smiled, waved, and left the coffee bar. I was feeling well
pleased with myself, for it looked as if that secret desire of mine was
about to come true. I walked home shortly after that, and when I took my
panties off to take a shower, sure enough, I found that they were so wet
that they were on the verge of falling apart.

I was feeling really horny thinking about what was going to happen
that night ….. I was sure I would like Bill, and the thought was
making me wet as anything, and so I thought I had to do something about

I left my clothes in a heap on the bedroom floor, and got onto the
bed. My large, firm tits were heaving up and down, and my inch long
nipples were as hard as they could possibly be.

I reached down with my right hand and slowly pushed two of my
fingers all the way up into my soaking wet cunt. Of course, I was so
worked up, that as soon as my fingers started to go up there inside my
pussy I had a screaming orgasm.

I needed that, and it was nice, but I wanted more, and so I pushed
them out into my wet pussy a little more and started to rub them against
my cunt walls, twisting them around inside myself, and multiple orgasms
raced through my groin, so big, so lovely that I started to pant out
loud, and then as I worked my stiff fingers in and out, volumes of cunt
juice escaped from my cunt wetting my entire hand.

Yes, I thought, as I carried on wanking my love hole, this will really
put me in the mood for the rest of the evening.

The feel of my fingers up there inside my pussy was a real big turn
on, and my juices were flowing nice and freely. I didn’t wank off too
fast, for I didn’t want to tire myself out, well not too much anyway.

I wanked away for a few minutes longer, and then removed my fingers
from my sticky pussy hole, and licked them dry. God, I loved the taste
of myself!

I had a shower, something to eat, then about eight I went around to
Jane’s place, and she was more than pleased to see me.

“Come in and meet Bill,” she said

I went into the lounge, and Bill was there, and I liked him on the
spot. I liked his looks, and I liked the fact that he was naked, and
that his cock was huge and thick, and that his balls were full and

He was flat on his back on the carpet, and going by the way his cock
was gleaming, it was rather obvious that Jane had been giving it a good
licking just before I had arrived.

“Just warming up,” said Jane, who was still fully dressed.

“I like that cock,” I said.

“I’m pleased,” said Bill.

“I said you two would get along,” smiled Jane. “Hey, let’s go into
the bedroom and get some real action going, shall we?”

I nodded, and so did Bill, and then he stood up, and to be honest, I
couldn’t take my eyes from that cock of his. It just had to be one of
the thickest cocks that I had ever seen, and to tell another truth, I
wanted it inside of me so badly that it hurt, if you know what I mean.

“I can tell you like that prick,” said Jane, as we went into the

“It’s making me wet just looking at it,” I said.

“Well, be my guest,” said Jane, and she started to help me get
undressed. “And don’t worry, he can fuck all night. He recovers very
fast and can easily manage the both of us.”

I was now naked and so was Jane, and her body was lovely. It was the
same as I remembered it. She had breasts that were the same size as
mine, though her nipples were a deep pink in color, but like me, she had
trimmed her pussy hair fairly close so that her lips showed up nicely.

Her lips were pouting and wet, and she smiled at me again.

“Just to see if you still taste as good,” she said, and then went
down on her knees while I stood there by the side of the bed, and the
next thing I knew she was licking away at my pouty cunt lips.

Bill was sitting on the edge of the bed and he was watching. He was
looking more than happy. Well, most men would have looked happy to have
seen two naked women there, with one of them licking away at the others

I felt a thrill go through me as Jane’s wet tongue lapped away at my
pussy lips. Then, she was just poking away inside me with the tip of her
tongue, pushing just the tip inside my cunt, getting a taste of my hot
sweet juices.

After a minute or so, during which time she gave me a couple of good
orgasms, she stood up and licked her lips.

“You taste as good as ever,” she said.

“I want a taste,” said Bill.

“You can suck her out later,” said Jane, steering me toward the bed.
“Right now, Carol here wants to feel that cock of yours inside her cunt,
that’s right, isn’t it Carol?”

“Yes, I’d like that,” I said.

“Okay, come here and get fucked,” said Bill.

“How do you want it?” asked Jane.

“Well, Jane,” I said. “It would be nice if you sat on my face so
that I could suck you out, while Bill fucked my pussy with his lovely

“Now, that’s what I call a good idea,” said Jane.

I smiled and nodded, and I was pleased that she was going along with
what I wanted. This really was a secret desire come true, and I was sure
I was really going to enjoy every single thing that happened to me
during the course of the night.

I lay flat on my back, and then Jane moved up the bed and within a
few seconds she was crouched over my face, so that by looking up I could
see every single detail of her pussy.

Large drops of pussy juice were dripping down from her cunt, and
these were soon splashing over my face, and those drops were hot and
lovely. I opened my mouth and some fell inside and I drank them down
…. They tasted as good as ever.

Bill was watching all this. That is the good thing about a
threesome. A man has so much to watch. It must be a real turn on for a
man to see all that.

Anyway, she was above my face and her hot cunt was dripping juice,
and I was drinking it down making my own pussy produce gobs of juice of
it’s own.

Then Jane sat all the way down smothering my mouth with her pungent
pussy. It gave me both the opportunity and the pleasure to snake my
tongue up into her cunt and begin licking her out.

I heard her shout with joy as my tongue went up inside her, and soon
she was shaking like mad, proving that my efforts were making her cum
again and again.

I sucked away, lapped away up there inside her nice tasty pussy
hole, and then I felt something that made me have a huge climax.

What I felt was the head of a huge cock against my cunt lips, and
that is the sensation that will give any woman a mind blowing orgasm.

That cockhead of Bills was all purple, hot and huge, throbbing as he
pushed it gently against my pussy lips. I felt him increase the
pressure, then felt my lips part and my cunt cream flood and cover that
great cock.

Then he pushed some more, and if Jane’s cunt hadn’t been covering my
mouth and nose, if I hadn’t had my tongue buried inside of her sweet
pussy tube, then I would have let out the biggest sexual shout of my
life as Bill’s cock started to glide in and out of my cunt.

I pushed my tongue up higher into Jane’s wet cunt as Bill pushed his
cock deeper into my pussy hole, and the sensation was getting better and

I climaxed as his swollen cockhead touched the very depths of my
fuck hole, and as he pushed in, as that shaft made the walls of my love
tunnel bulge out, I thought I was going to faint from the pleasure of it

This threesome thing was good, if not better than I ever thought it
could be. I heaved and had another orgasm as he pulled out, and now only
the tip of his swollen cockhead was inside me, and I started to suck
harder at Jane’s cunt as he pushed his cock back inside me.

This was sheer heaven, this was bliss, this was out of this world. I
had a thick cock going in and out of my pussy, and I had my tongue going
in and out of Jane’s pussy. I was truly in fuck heaven!

Then Bill started to deep stroke my cunt hard and fast, started to
really pump away with that lovely cock of his, and I continued to cum
more than I ever had before.

I was finding it hard to breath, I needed to shout and sob from all
the pleasure that I was getting, and Jane’s must have realized this, for
she suddenly rolled from my face.

I lifted my legs in the air, and I put my arms around Bill and held
him close as he carried on pumping my cunt with his huge cock.

Jane looked down at me and she smiled, and the she leaned over and
kissed me on the mouth, using the tip of her tongue to lick up all the
drops of her pussy juice from my face.

After she had done that, and while Bill was still shafting his
prick in and out of my pussy hole at one hell of a speed, Jane moved
down and was running her tongue over my tits. She moved again and
started to rub her tits all over Bill’s ass.

Of course, any man loves to have naked tits rubbed against his ass,
and likes it even more when his cock his flashing in and out of another
woman’s cunt hole. This turned Bill on so much, that as Jane rubbed her
hard nipples over his ass, his cock became harder inside my cunt, which
gave me another series of hot orgasms.

Then I had a mega cum, for Bill had given this deep thrust into me,
so deep and hard, and beautiful, that for a moment I thought his balls
were in me as well ….. and that would have been wonderful!

Yes, he gave that deep plunge with his hot cock and I felt violent
bursts of hot cum shoot from his prick. Now some women say they can’t
feel it when a man cums inside them. I just can’t understand those
women. I always, but always feel every single drop when a man shoots his
hot load inside my pussy hole.

And believe me I felt every drop of Bills load as it went into me,
and Jane was making really sure that I received everything that he had
to offer, for she was reaching between Bill’s legs and was using her
fingers on his balls, squeezing and pulling at them. Not that he needed
any help, for he was shooting out great dollops of cum into my cunt and
the orgasms were flooding through me hard and fast.

He was amazing as he pumped away, yes, he was still thrusting that
lovely cock of his hard into my pussy as it spurted a never ending
torrent of thick, hot cum.

I don’t think I’ve ever had spunk shot so deep in my pussy as it
was then. When I say that my pussy hole, my fuck tube, was filled with
that man’s spunk, I mean every single word of it!

He pumped away until the last few drops came from him, pulled out
and rolled over on his back, and like me was gasping for breath. He lay
there, his cock glistening and still semi-erect, coated with my pussy
juice and traces of white male cum.

But, that cock that had just given me the fuck of my life didn’t
stay wet for long, for Jane looked at it, let out a sigh of lust, and
within seconds her tongue was moving all over that limp dick.

I was also out of breath, and lay there, legs spread wide apart as
I felt that lovely spunk of Bill’s that had filled my pussy. I lay
there, my cunt pulsating, the hairs glistening with my wetness and
Bill’s discharge ….. I was in heaven!

I could feel it clinging to the inside walls of my pussy, and I
could also feel it starting to dribble out from my cunt. Thick globs of
it, mingling with my own pussy cream and slowly running from my fuck
hole, some of it staying on my pussy lips, some running down a little
more onto my thighs. It was a lovely, sticky, wet feeling, that after
sex feeling that I just adore.

Jane had finished lapping away at Bill’s cock, and had done a grand
job. She had licked it nice and clean, had lapped it dry, and was sexily
licking her lips.

“What a lovely sight,” she said, as she looked at my pussy.

“You can say that again,” said Bill, as he glanced over at me.

“It’s so hot, all that white cum flowing from your cunt,” said

“I know what you’re thinking,” said Bill, as he looked at Jane and

“What can she be thinking,” I asked.

“She is thinking,” said Bill, that she would like to go down on you
and suck out your pussy.”

“What, with all your spunk inside me?”

“That’s right,” said Bill, and he smiled. “Jane is a very kinky gal
indeed. What do you think?”

I though for a moment and agreed that it sounded good. After all, I
had wanted a threesome, and I knew that Jane was really sexy, and I said
that I wanted to try out everything and anything. I hadn’t said that
last bit to those two, but I had said it to myself while in the shower
before going to their place.

“Here Jane, Have a good suck,” I said and opened my legs even

“Here I go,” said Jane, as she dove down between my legs. Bill
smiled, and leaned closer so that he could see every single detail of
what Jane was about to do to my cum filled pussy hole.

“Oh, that’s so good,” I moaned, as I felt Jane’s wet tongue begin
moving all over my pussy lips.

Now it’s obvious that I’ve been licked and sucked by many women,
but it is also obvious that this is the first time that another woman
has sucked cum from my pussy. Of course I new what it would taste like
taken from my well fucked pussy.

Sure I knew the taste …. because often, after a man had fucked
me, I’d reach down there with one or the other of my hands and push a
couple of fingers inside me and wank off for a while, and pull those
fingers out of me coated with all that man spunk. I’d then lick my
fingers, lick them dry and clean. So I knew what spunk taken from my
well fucked pussy really did taste like. But, it had never been taken
from my pussy like this before, never by another hot woman’s lips and

I felt her tongue and lips sucking wildly at my hole, felt her
licking and sucking all the cream from there, and of course the mere
touch of her pointed tongue on my hard clit gave me a huge climax all
over again.

“Oh, what a lovely taste,” sighed Jane.

“What a lovely sight,” said Bill.

“What a fucking fantastic feeling,” I said.

Jane smiled, and then her head went down again, and this time her
tongue probed deep inside me. Her entire mouth covered my swollen pussy
lips as she wiggled her tongue inside me and lapped me out for all she
was worth.

The suction from her mouth when she got under way was really
something, and Bill’s cum came flowing from my pussy hole along with my
sticky cunt cream. It came gurgling and bubbling into her mouth, and it
goes without saying that as she sucked all that creamy mixture down, we
both had a couple of monster orgasms.

Yes, that was really fantastic, and I loved it, and as she sucked
out my well fucked hole, as more and more of Bill’s load came out and
into Jane’s mouth and covered her beautiful face, I thought to myself
that this desire I had, This fantasy I had wondered about all these
years had now come true, was the best I ever had. I loved it. I loved
everything about it coming true….. Will I ever have a threesome again?