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After a while the conversation got around to the original reason for our
meeting. Their fantasies were quite spectacular, and very erotic. They had
always fantasised together, and one of those fantasies was about being
“gang banged” by a group of men. In a brave moment of frustration they
wrote to the magazine to advertise for suggestions in fulfilling their

The revealing of their innermost fantasies got us very worked up so I
suggested that they show me what they had to offer in the way of physique.
Giggling and joking they agreed, removing their T-shirts to reveal two
pairs of large firm breasts, with large erect nipples. I immediately felt
my cock stiffen, especially as first Tracy then Claire slipped off their
jeans to reveal very small silky panties. At this point Claire demanded
that they see what I had to offer. I didn’t argue, so standing up I removed
my shirt, sandals and trousers. Left standing there in just my boxer shorts
I waited for them to continue.

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At four-thirty, Mark had allowed her a brief respite.

“I need to tell you some things.” Mark had begun, “I believe you want me
to stay, and that you love me.

“I believe you will try to change, and I’ll let your actions for the week
speak for themselves.

“I also know that you’re still holding back something. We’ll go over that
tomorrow night. I’m getting too tired.”

Alice crawled up in his lap and kissed him several times. She had never
come so many times in a single night before.

“One last thing, “Mark continued, “listening to you has made me horny. As
long as you’re naked, it seems like a waste not to do something about it.”

Mark led her to their bedroom. He stacked pillows near the center of the
bed. He positioned Alice over them. Standing to one side, he undressed.

Alice’s relief as he plunged into her pussy was short lived as he pulled
out and slid his variously lubricated cock into her ass.

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