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We settle on a bench seat aft and you gently place your arm around me, pulling
me closer. This time you kiss me longer and deeper. I feel your tongue enter
my mouth and press against mine. The feeling of electricity is instantaneous.
My tongue searches for yours and you cause a gentle pressure as we kiss for
several minutes. Placing my wine glass on the bench I reach to caress you with
both arms. Pressing my body against your chest you now know I have very little
clothing on. My nipples are erect and surely you can feel them through your
cotton shirt. You hold me tightly and continue the kisses. Finally you move
your head and kiss my cheek and then my neck. Oh, I love this so…

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After a long conversation, he finally convinced me that I had
never really experienced sex to the fullest and knew nothing of its
pleasures. To make a long (and I’m sure, obvious) story short, within two
weeks, Joe seduced me and we began having sex every day.

Soon after we started, Joe insisted on performing oral sex on me. I
resisted at first, but finally gave in, and, within a few short minutes, I
experienced the most wonderful orgasm of my life! From that second on, I
couldn’t get enough of his sucking and screwing me. He never failed to
bring me to climax and I was so hooked on his wonderful body and tongue
that I would have done almost anything to have him suck me.

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