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We got on very well and agreed to meet the following morning to continue
our chat. No plans, nor even the original reason for the meeting had been
mentioned, so I went back to my hotel for the night to dream of them alone.

The following day we met in my hotel at about 10 o’clock, to go site
seeing. They lived about 2 miles from the sea, so we drove out to a cove
there. It was breezy but very warm, being mid September. The beach was
deserted, but we moved back into the dunes behind to get away from the
wind, and sat down on a travel rug to chat.

I had brought a picnic basket from the hotel, from which I took a bottle of
wine. We sat there drinking wine and chatting about almost everything.

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Having bought a “direct contact” magazine recently hoping to find
excitement and a steady mate, and desperate to broaden my horizons. I
replied to an advert in it asking for a gentleman or gentlemen to show two
girls a good time, any suggestions seriously considered.

About a week later I received a reply from the girls, who as it turned out
were sisters. They had received only two replies, both from cranks, so they
were very wary at first about my letter. I wrote back suggesting a meeting
to discuss their fantasy, giving my home number to show I was serious.

The following Monday, Claire one of the sisters, phoned me to arrange a
meeting for that weekend at a pub near where they lived. I booked a hotel
room at once, as they lived some 200 miles away.

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You lead me to the galley and ask me to be seated at a small table there. The
shirt pulls up exposing most of my thighs as I sit. You open the refrigerator
and take out a bottle of Cabernet Blanc. Opening a cabinet and removing two
lovely wine glasses and then a cork screw. You sit opposite me and open the
wine. I’m getting very warm just watching you. Slowly you pour each of us a
glass, handing me one. Offering a toast you say “to the new lady in my life”.
I sip the wine and notice it’s slightly oakey flavor. You ask if I would like
to go on deck. I agree and we take out glasses and the bottle up the stairs. I
know you can see all of me as I climb the steps ahead of you. Did you notice
the wetness of my skimpy panties?

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At four-thirty, Mark had allowed her a brief respite.

“I need to tell you some things.” Mark had begun, “I believe you want me
to stay, and that you love me.

“I believe you will try to change, and I’ll let your actions for the week
speak for themselves.

“I also know that you’re still holding back something. We’ll go over that
tomorrow night. I’m getting too tired.”

Alice crawled up in his lap and kissed him several times. She had never
come so many times in a single night before.

“One last thing, “Mark continued, “listening to you has made me horny. As
long as you’re naked, it seems like a waste not to do something about it.”

Mark led her to their bedroom. He stacked pillows near the center of the
bed. He positioned Alice over them. Standing to one side, he undressed.

Alice’s relief as he plunged into her pussy was short lived as he pulled
out and slid his variously lubricated cock into her ass.

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With her skirt bunched up around her hips he had forced her over the
footstool on her stomach and had her from behind, something she had refused to
allow Mark to do.

Her inability to control Dave made her feel terribly wanton as she allowed
him each liberty. She had come almost as soon as he had entered her, her
skirt still on, on her face, from the rear.

Dave was taking her like a bitch, she thought. The word “bitch” seemed to
excite her even more. She repeated it to herself as his hard member shoved
home, again and again.

When Dave had come, she had expected to get dressed, but instead he had
taken her to his bedroom, removed the rest of her clothes and made her assume
positions on his bed.