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girls take it two ways
I thrust into Claire for a dozen strokes, then withdrawing my throbbing
juice soaked shaft, I drove it into Tracy’s gaping, upturned mouth. She
choked slightly on its length as it thrust down her throat, but as she
relaxed it slowly slid deeper and deeper down her gullet, before the
swollen head lodged deep in her throat. Withdrawing slightly so that she
could lick and suck my length clean of Claire’s cunt juice, I repeated the
process with the other sister by shuffling around to the other end and
turning them over. I plunged my cock into Tracy’s cunt, letting Claire suck
it clean afterwards.

After shafting each girls cunt a couple of times I felt my resistance
giving way. Plunging deeper into Claire’s cunt I sprayed my first spurts of
spunk deep inside her, before whipping out my spurting cock to cover
Tracy’s face with sperm as I tried to plunge it into her gaping mouth.
Finally succeeding in plugging my throat with my still spurting cock

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Suddenly I felt my shaft engulfed by a hot slippery cunt, looking between
Claire’s swinging tits I watched as Tracy straddled my throbbing cock,
slowly embedding it to the hilt in her hot pussy. Bouncing up and down in a
smooth slow rhythm, she brought herself to climax shouting and screaming
for me to fuck her harder. Tracy’s juices ran down my shaft, to be massaged
into my swinging balls by Tracy’s nimble grasping fingers until they were

Changing positions, they faced each other with Claire crouched over
Tracy, heads thrust between the others thighs, sucking on each others
cunts. I knelt up behind them in term, plunging my rock hard cock into
their proffered cunts, while the other sucked the base of my embedded shaft
and swinging balls.

Alice fucked himself story

Archive-name: Affairs/alice.txt
Archive-title: Alice

Alice had been naughty. Her lover whom he dated recently through adult friend finder was away for the weekend and she was
bored. When Dave called her, telling you about the concert tickets he had,
she knew what he wanted, but between the boredom and wanting to see the
concert (and Dave’s build) she went.

Dave did everything he could to turn her on. He had drinks at his place
ready before she left. she sat out on the lawn at the pavilion, drinking
wine. He put his arm around her, and at every opportunity Dave touched her,
stroked her, patted her, massaged her.

He spent a good ten minutes rubbing her forearms when she talked about
typing much of the morning. He spent longer on her back, and the kiss at the
end had seemed so natural.

The three that followed were more forceful. She didn’t protest when his
hand began rubbing her breast … she rather liked it.

On the way home his hand was under her dress as he drove, teasing her
pubic mound so that by the time she reached his apartment you were wet and as
horny as she could remember being. He took her on the rug in his living room,
and then later in his big bed.

For Alice, things had gotten out of hand … and she loved it.

Dave had continued to maintain possession of either her breast or her sex
the whole drive home. When they had entered the house he had begun kissing
her in earnest as he undressed her. His tongue had explored her in ways she
had always refused to her lover, Mark. Dave had simply been insistent. He
had tongued her mouth–deeply. He had gone all over her neck, licking her

Alice had always made Mark stop when he had begun that. The sensation was
too–disturbing. Dave had simply ignored her. That alone had excited her.
The fact that she was also discovering a new erogenous zone on her body only
made matters worse.

Dave had continued. He had tongued his way down to her breasts, and
instead of liking and sucking the way Mark did, Dave had gone over her whole
breast, or rather both of them. It was flattering in a way, and just a little

Alice had been deeply aroused.

That first time in the living room, on the rug, Dave had not even waited
to completely undress her. He had taken off her bra and shirt, and then
pulled off her panties.

With her skirt bunched up around her hips he had forced her over the
footstool on her stomach and had her from behind, something she had refused to
allow Mark to do.

Her inability to control Dave made her feel terribly wanton as she allowed
him each liberty. She had come almost as soon as he had entered her, her
skirt still on, on her face, from the rear.

Dave was taking her like a bitch, she thought. The word “bitch” seemed to
excite her even more. She repeated it to herself as his hard member shoved
home, again and again.

When Dave had come, she had expected to get dressed, but instead he had
taken her to his bedroom, removed the rest of her clothes and made her assume
positions on his bed.

When she had refused, he had simply moved her to the desired position.

As she showed herself, he had stroked her mound, rubbed her breasts, and
generally tried to keep her horny.

It had worked.

He had gotten her ready to make love a second time by eating her. Alice
had resisted this. She had never allowed Mark to lick her after they had had
sex. It seemed so–Wrong.

Dave ignored her and went down on her, licking her with much more energy
than Mark did, making her come twice.

As she reached that stage of orgasm (the first time) when you lose control
of your body for a few seconds he had slid a finger up her ass and then had
continued to run it in and out of her in a fucking motion as he licked her
engorged slit.

He paid more attention to her pussy than Mark did. He licked the whole
slit, running his tongue up and down her whole length, even darting in and out
of her well fucked hole. He knew when he was getting to her and as the second
orgasm approached he went down on her with a gusto, matching each stroke of
his tongue with one from the finger in her virgin ass.

As she came the second time, Dave waited for her to relax and was in her
in a matter of two seconds.

She had come instantly, again.

Dave had settled down for a long screw. He had pulled her knees up to his
chest. He had pulled her legs straight and put them on his shoulders. He had
turned her hips on their side, screwing her all the while.

Dave had come a second time and had barely allowed her to get her breath
before his fingers were buried in her snatch.

“He’s treating me like a bitch!” She thought. The thought made her hot.

He had played her body like a violin, keeping her on the edge of orgasm
for minutes at a time.

When she had had her fourth orgasm from his fingers, he had presented his
limp organ to her face. She knew what he wanted and she looked desperately
for a way out.

She had gone down on Mark (and to both boyfriends before him), but never
after sex. She didn’t mind a clean cock, but to lick one that had just …

That was too much.

But here was Dave, and she would have to admit that she was bothered by
something he obviously thought was fine. He had already gone down on her, and
after coming in her as well.

Alice stared at the organ. Dave took the back of her head and directed
her mouth to his cock.

In the end it was easier to suck his cock than it was to refuse.

Dave’s cock had grown to its earlier proportions fairly quickly. Alice
was at least fairly sure that he didn’t expect her to let him erupt in her
mouth. When he was hard he had continued to have her suck on him, guiding her
mouth up and down, setting the tempo.

Alice had begun to worry when he had pulled it out.

Dave turned her back over on her hands and knees. She had pulled two of
the pillows from the bed to put under her arms for support. He had reached
around and was fingering her slit from behind her.

Unable to hold still, she thrust her ass back at his cock. She wanted to
feel his cock inside her and, oddly, she was thrilled to be getting it on her
hands and knees again.

The phrase, “Like a bitch!” went on and on in her head as she shoved her
bottom out to receive his prick.

Dave entered her slowly. He seemed to want to slow her down, to make his
strokes as long as possible. After four strokes, he pulled out and put his
now well lubricated cock against the rosebud of her asshole.

He had the head in before she had stopped shoving her ass back at him,
trying to recapture his cock.

Dave had held her by her hip on one side and literally by her cunt on the
other so that she couldn’t dislodge him. He had kept up the rubbing action on
her clit continuously so that she couldn’t decide if it was painful
or–terribly exciting.

Dave continued, in small strokes, to shove his cock back further into her
ass. She had taken it all.

“Like a bitch!” She thought.

He had gone into her to the hilt and rested a moment before beginning to
fuck her ass.

“like a bitch!” Alice thought.

He had made her come from the dual pressure of his hand on her clit and his
prick in her ass.

“I’m coming, Like a bitch!'” She thought as her orgasm erupted.

Dave had kept her coming for nearly three minutes. His hands had had to
hold her in place to prevent her gyrations from unseating him.

Finally his spurting into her ass ended things and the two fell in a
semi-swoon on his large bed.

Half an hour later Alice had put on her skirt and blouse, her underwear
stuffed into her purse.

Dave had driven her home just before two in the morning. She had kissed
him in the car and walked up her steps to her house feeling very confused and
very satisfied.

Seeing Mark sitting in the chair in the living room had nearly stopped her

Alice’s dress was wrinkled to death. Even if she had stopped to use
Dave’s bathroom thoroughly, the dress alone would have shown what she had been
up to.

Mark stood up and asked if there was any point in his staying. Alice had
burst into tears.

Seeing Mark was a shock, but it had crystallized her feelings for her. It
was Mark she wanted, and she told him that.

“Mark, I know I’ve hurt you, but I do love you. I’ll do anything to get
you to stay.”

Mark had stopped. “Really? Anything?”

“Yes. Anything.” Alice had managed to get both sorrow and defiance into
her voice at the same time.

“If I stay,” Mark began, “I want an end to all your hangups about sex. If
you can screw around on me–”

“It wasn’t …” Alice began and thought better of it.

“You can stop telling me that things I want are dirty.” Mark continued.
“That’s the first thing.”

“O.K. Mark, just don’t leave.”

“Second, you can spend the rest of the week showing me that you’ve turned
over a new leaf.”

“I will, Mark, I will.”

“Third, You’ll have to pay for tonight, any way I think you should.”

Alice thought of what she knew of Mark, and decided that she could endure
anything that he might come up with.

“Whatever you think is fair, Mark. Just remember I love you.” Alice

“We’ll see how much. Take off your clothes.”

Alice had been afraid of this. The phrase, “Like a bitch.” now had a new
meaning to her.

She had turned her back to Mark and taken off her shirt. She hung her
shirt on a chair, thankful that Dave hadn’t been one for hickies. She took
off her wrinkled skirt with more trepidation. Mark knew she never went out
without panties.

“Turn around.”

Alice tried to look demure. It was hard. Not only was she naked, but
freshly fucked as she was, there were still traces of Dave’s come on her …
and dripping out of her.

Alice wished fervently for a minute alone in the bathroom. She didn’t
dare ask.

“Come here.”

Alice walked slowly to him.

“Lay across my lap.”

Alice had assumed that he would want to fuck her. A spanking hadn’t even
entered her mind. She could barely remember her last spanking. She had been
in grade school and her mother had pulled down her drawers and used a hair
brush on her young ass after finding out about a fight in school.

With some genuine fear, Alice lay across his lap.

Mark didn’t begin spanking her at once. First he spread her legs and felt
the sticky dampness there. Alice blushed hotly at the shame of having mark
examine the evidence of her infidelity.

Alice tried to hold still as Mark’s fingers followed the traces up her
legs to her sex. His finger went on onto her mound, and after a second, right
into her well fucked hole.

It was while Alice was trying not to react to the shame of such an
examination that Mark slapped her ass for the first time.

“Count them.”


And so it went to twenty-five. With each slap, Mark’s finger explored
more of her cunt. Then with his fingers in her hole, and his thumb on her
clit, Mark had begun the inquisition.

He had insisted on each detail of what she had done, leaving out only the
name of her partner. Alice was so relieved that she held nothing back …
for long.

At each new act, Alice had tried to hide how easily she had allowed
herself to be used by Dave. Each evasion brought not a new round of spanking,
but a new level of sensation on her clit.

By four A.M., weak with orgasms, Alice had told him every detail, save
one. She had not told him that she had gone down on him after he had fucked

At four-thirty, Mark had allowed her a brief respite.

“I need to tell you some things.” Mark had begun, “I believe you want me
to stay, and that you love me.

“I believe you will try to change, and I’ll let your actions for the week
speak for themselves.

“I also know that you’re still holding back something. We’ll go over that
tomorrow night. I’m getting too tired.”

Alice crawled up in his lap and kissed him several times. She had never
come so many times in a single night before.

“One last thing, “Mark continued, “listening to you has made me horny. As
long as you’re naked, it seems like a waste not to do something about it.”

Mark led her to their bedroom. He stacked pillows near the center of the
bed. He positioned Alice over them. Standing to one side, he undressed.

Alice’s relief as he plunged into her pussy was short lived as he pulled
out and slid his variously lubricated cock into her ass.


But soon to come:

Alice’s Special Week.

dating a women with huge breast

By: abhishek singh
Hello all ISS readers! I am back again with a hot sizzling story. As you knows me IТm Abhishek Singh 18 male living in Delhi near mother dairy of Pandav Nagar. I will hope that u will enjoy the story. Mail me any comments, queries or anything on or
any female who wants some fun can mail me too.
Catherine was an easy living girl. She studied at the University of Boston and was 21. She really love to go out and have fun at parties Ц and after them as well. She was a medium-sized, very pretty, young woman. She had nice blonde hair, a bit longer than shoulder-length and pretty, a bit girlish face with a nice, seductive laugh. She had quite a slim body, with a fine ass and B-cupped breasts, that were not very big, just a nice, small handful.
At tonight’s students party she got to know one of the elder student girls. Her name was Nina, and at the age of 24 she was three years older than herself. She too was quite a funny and somehow cool and tough girl. She was dressed in very tight fitting blue jeans and a jeans blouse too, while Catherine wore a white blouse and jeans. Nina was only a very little taller than Catherine and she too had a very sportive and slim figure, her breasts were even a bit smaller than Catherine’s. She had long, black hair, reaching down well over her shoulders. Her face was really beautiful and she always had that cool expression.
The two girls had started chatting and having fun and soon Catherine got to know that Nina was strictly lesbian. Catherine had never before had any lesbian experiences. She was a bit fascinated by that women, that started flirting with her. They began an argue about what was the better sex Ц lesbian or hetero and it was not long till Nina suggested a bet: she said that she could make Catherine cum by just pleasuring her breast with her mouth. If she really made it Catherine would spend the night with her.
Catherine was in fun mood and also got very excited by that bet and so she quickly agreed and the two party girls made for Nina’s room.
“So let’s get started, Catherine. It will not take me long to make you cum. You are already mine for tonight, little hetero girl,” Nina teased her. “So open your blouse for me and give me access to my work!”
“But I want to see your tits, too,” Catherine replied. “What a pleasure for me. You are on the right way, Babe!”
The two girls loved. Catherine loved the way Nina talked. Both girls started unbuttoning their blouses. Catherine had seen a lot of naked breasts in her life, but for the first time she looked at breasts in a sexually orientated way. And somehow it made her hot. She found the quiet, flat, but very firm breasts with slightly aroused nipples really very sexy.
Nina too loved the sight of Catherine’s pair of tits. With her hands she grabbed for both breasts and let her fingers gently play.
“Which one shall I take? Hmmm. I will start where your heart is. So I take the left.”
Nina did not waste any time. Her left hand felt out Catherine’s left breast. She was very gentle and soft. Her fingers tenderly stroke over her skin, rounded the breast, teased the undersides, gently played around the sensitive area around her nipple and of course did not forget to rub her nipple. Within seconds Catherine was standing rock hard.
Catherine did not have big nipples. Even when fully erect they were rather small, but they were really sensitive. From the first moment Catherine felt a wave of pleasure sweeping through her body. She felt an arousal make her blood rush; and it were not only her nipples that showed the signs of her sexual arousal; very soon her pussy was getting moist, was getting wet with her sweat, creamy love juices. She would have loved to take her hand into her jean and use her fingers on her pussy. But she did not dare that; instead her hand went to her right breast and her own fingers started playing with her other nipple.
It was not only the very experienced and very sexy touching of Nina but maybe even more the arousing situation of doing such a naughty bet, and of doing it with another woman, of experiencing a lesbian situation for the first time.
Catherine looked down and highly aroused watched as Nina now brought her mouth to her breast. With quick and teasing butterfly kisses she covered every inch of the skin of her breasts. Her red, wet lips were eagerly kissing and the sight of it almost took Catherine’s breath.
Soon Nina’s warm, wet kisses reached the area around her nipple. She was very sensitive there. Moans escaped her mouth. Nina also used her tongue. She licked along the undersides of her breast and up again to the surroundings of her nipple. The wet, teasing, tongue circled her nipple area and over and over again touched her rock hard, erect nipple.
Catherine could not take her eyes of Nina’s beautiful face so close at he breast and at her mouth, lips and tongue that were teasing, pleasuring her breast in an experienced, arousing way, it never had been before.
With short, quick and hard licks Nina tongue now added one gear of arousal. Catherine’s already fully erect nipple seemed to grow even more. She now really moaned with lust. She stood against the wall of the room, moaned with lust and pleasure and watched Nina pleasure her breast.
Wilder and harder became Nina’s tongue licks and then her whole mouth went over her nipple. Her lips closed around the erect nipple. Her tongue still circled the nipple within her mouth, made it wet and hot, before she eagerly started sucking it.
Nina’s own nipples were rock hard now too and she could not resist her own urges and so her free hand went between her legs rubbing against her jean at her crotch area and thus giving herself a bit of additional pleasure to her meanwhile wet pussy.
The sucking made Catherine to moan constantly. She already knew that she had lost the bet and even if she would not cum, she knew one thing: that she definitely wanted to spend the night with this hot girl. But she wanted to cum and she knew she already was close to it.
Her eyes still were fixed to her own left breast, her hand still was playing with her right nipple. She saw and felt as Nina’s mouth was sucking deeper and harder, as her lips were parting more and more and so she now had not only her nipple but almost two thirds of her whole breast within her wet, warm mouth.
Nina sucked her whole breast, licked the skin of it within her mouth, circled her nipple area and licked hard against the nipple Ц all within her eager mouth.
Alone the picture of that pretty girl having almost all her breast sucked into her mouth and the feeling of the warmth and wetness made Catherine reach the edge.
Nina’s experienced mouth now went up and down her breast, going back to only her nipple and sucking it and opening up more again and suck her whole breast again. Leaving traces of wetness at Catherine’s breast skin. Always using her tongue against the erect nipple when sucking the whole breast. Over and over again the 24year old student thus pleasured her breast and her nipple, she gently bit the nipple and softly sucked, kissed and licked it and then she sucked her whole breast again into her mouth, still licking against the nipple.
A shiver of pleasure and lust ran through Catherine’s body as she reached the climax and her orgasm came really hard. With her hands she now pressed Nina’s head against her breast, her knees were week.
Her eyes were closed as the still breast sucking Nina looked up and into Catherine’s face. She could see the pure sexual pleasure in it. The lesbian student new that she had not only won the bet.
Nina softly and tenderly kissed the over-all wet breast and nipple good-bye, after Catherine’s huge orgasm had subsided a bit. She stood close to the younger student and looked deeply into her eyes.
Nina grinned: “You are mine now, I guess!” “If its all like this I will love to be yours not only for this night,” Catherine whispered still exhausted but somehow already aroused again.
Nina lay her hand between Catherine’s legs and rubbed against her pussy area. She knew how wet she would be. The two girls started kissing and Nina slowly moved her price towards her bed.
She would show Catherine that there were even better pleasures than what she had just experiencedЕ

how i date Ticklish girl

“What do you mean you don’t know if you’re ticklish or not? You’re
18 years old!” Bob had been dating Angela for about 2 months.
she meet each other at adultfriendfinder

She was
perfect – 5’5″, classic Italian looks, great body, great personality.
She was also the only child of a very wealthy car dealer in town, so she
was spoiled rotten, but had also been lonely most of her life.

“I just said nobody had ever tickled me, so I don’t know what it is
like,” she replied. “I’ve often wondered.”

“Your mother or father never tickled you as a child? Or anytime?” Bob
wondered. “No, they aren’t real touching people, so how could I have been?”

They were sitting on the side of Angela’s swimming pool. Boy, she
looked great in that blue bikini! Nobody else was home, so Bob had a great
idea. “Let’s go inside, and I’ll find out if you’re ticklish or not!”

Angela actually seemed sort of excited by the thought, and she jumped
right up and ran in the house. “Where should we go?” she asked. Bob thought
for a moment, then said “You have a four-poster bed, right?” She nodded.
“Go to your bedroom and pull the covers off of the bed, and I’ll be in in a
minute.” She ran off.

Bob went into the living room and found what he was looking for — a large
basket with long, stiff peacock feathers — and selected two of them. He
started upstairs, but then thought of something else and made a quick detour.

As Bob walked into the room holding the feathers in one hand, Angela
smiled, then asked, “Why is your other hand behind your back?” He answered,
“Well, since we don’t know if you’re ticklish, or how ticklish you are, I
thought maybe it wouldn’t hurt to make sure I didn’t accidentally get hit or
kicked if you started jerking around.” He pulled out the neckties he had found
in her father’s closet and said, “So, can I tie your hands and feet, just in

Angela looked a little unsure for a minute, but then agreed. “But if I
don’t like it, when I say STOP, I mean STOP. O.K.?” Bob also agreed.

Having Angela lay down on the bed, Bob tied one end of the necktie to her
right wrist and pulled her arm over her head to secure it to the bedpost. Going
to her left side, he did the same with her left wrist. He then repeated this
with both of her feet, leaving her bound spread-eagle and absolutely helpless.

Bob sat down on the bed next to her and said, “Are you sure you want to
do this?” She nodded her head, not quite sure what she may be in for. “O.K.!
Here goes!!!”

Taking one of the feathers, he started at her left wrist and began slowly
sliding it down her arm. She did nothing. He got closer and closer to her
underarm, until she should have been writhing in agony. She didn’t flinch. He
picked up the other feather and used both of them on her armpits, sides, and
stomach. Nothing. Not even a smile.

Now sort of disappointed, he moved down a little and ran the feathers up
and down her soft inner thighs. Her eyes widened, and she started to wiggle a
bit. “What is that?” she asked amazedly. “That, my dear, is the start of your
ticklishness.” He continued stroking her legs, and was rewarded with more
squirming and some laughter.

Tiring of this after 15 minutes, he dropped the feathers and gently took
a knee in each hand and began tweaking them. She jumped around a little, but
not much. Then he reached underneath her to grab the backs of her legs, and
did the same thing. Now, she went wild! While she laughed uncontrollably and
tried to pull out of the ties, he tickled her for another 10 minutes.

When he finished, she was panting and sweating and looked at him and said,
“I don’t think I care for being tickled. Untie me please.”

With a devilish look in his eye, he innocently commented, “But I haven’t
gotten to your feet yet!” She didn’t even want to try though, insisting he
release her.

“I’m sorry you feel that way, Angie, but I can’t. I wouldn’t feel I had
fulfilled my duty to you if I didn’t help you find out if your feet were
ticklish or not!”

Pulling a chair up to the end of the bed, Bob sat down at Angela’s feet.
“You promised you would stop when I said to!” Angela screamed. “Sorry,”
was his only answer.

Taking a feather in each hand again, he began lightly running them up and
down the tops of Angela’s feet. Starting to get a smug grin back on her face,
Angela laughed and said, “Ha! Doesn’t do a thing. Now untie me!” Instead of
replying, Bob switched the feathers to the bottoms of her feet. Immediately
she regretted being smart-mouthed, and began giggling. “Please, stop. I can’t
take any more!” “No, we have to make sure you are really ticklish on your feet!
This is just the beginning!”

Taking the pencil-like tips of the feathers, he attacked her insteps and
heels without mercy, continuing for 15 minutes this way. NOW, she was begging
for him to stop. But still no relief.

Now he ran both ends of the feathers between her toes, creating a new wave
of chuckling and pleading.

Trying a new tactic, he found a ball-point pen and wrote ‘Bob loves Angela’
one each sole 5 times. “Oh, look. Your feet are dirty! I’ll have to wash
them for you!”

Going into her bathroom, he half-filled a bucket with warm, soapy water and
found a soft scrub brush. As he sat down, she realized what would happen, and
pulled even harder on the neckties, but he had tied her well.

Nearly in tears from the previous torture, she looked at him with puppy
dog eyes and said, “I beg you not to do this. Please?” He almost relented,
but something said “Why not?” So it began.

Dipping the brush into the water, he then brought it to the sole of her
right foot. “Still say ‘Doesn’t do a thing?'” he taunted. Holding the top of
her foot with one hand he scrubbed lightly but firmly across the arch, instep,
heel and under the toes of the foot, soaping it up good, but not removing much
ink. “This brush isn’t doing much good (although she had almost passed out from
being tickled so much) maybe I’ll try this nice sponge.” Thoroughly wetting the
sponge, he then applied that to her bare sole, again making her writhe and

Now he transferred his attentions to her left foot, with the same results.
She was getting tired, and crying from laughing so hard, so she just lay there,
occasionally jerking of jumping, but still unable to escape.

Her feet were now clean, and he produced a nice, fluffy towel to dry them
on. He then kissed each foot on the sole, each knee, each thigh, her tummy,
and gently licked and kissed each underarm (with the licking making her squirm
around and hoarsely whisper “PLEASE STOP”). Then he kissed her hard and long
on the lips and asked, “Are you mad at me for not untying you? ‘Cause if you
are, I can ask your feet instead!”

With a look of near-terror in her eyes, she vigorously shook her head and
said, “NO, I’m not mad!” Being bound and tickled for 2 hours left her limply
lying there when he untied her. He lay down next to her and began to caress
her face. “I think it’s time I help you find out if you’re ticklish, buddy!”
she exclaimed. He did decided it was only fair, and allowed her to tie his
wrists and ankles. He’d tell her later that he wasn’t ticklish!!!!

Just Between Friends xxx

Just Between Friends
They had been lovers, several years ago. A tormented 6 month relationship, that started off strong. After six months, Tom broke off the relationship, giving no reason for his decision. Robin had thought everything was going just fine. They had planned to first visit Robin’s family in Chicago for Christmas and then, continue to New York visiting Tom’s mom and friend. During their trip, their sex petered to none. The second day of the New Year, Tom called, breaking off their relationship. Robin was shattered, unwilling to accept that this very special guy had just broken off their relationship. Everyone had said they make a perfect couple and that they looked well with each other. Okay, so a few of his friends said he could do better. Robin was not the perfect female. She had a few weight problems that she was continually struggling against. Tom had wanted a small slight petite women, which Robin would never be or become. She could loose a hundred pounds and still never be a slight petite women. Robin was a big boned German women. Several years had passed, where Robin had gotten involved with someone else, loosing contact with Tom. She had wanted to stay friends, but didn’t know how. Loosing Tom’s friendship was another blow, to Robin’s fragile ego. Robin got engaged and was suppose to get married. Her new relationship was not working, no matter how she worked at it. During the last year of her new relationship, Tom reappeared in her life. She accepted his friendship without strings. She had grown up a lot over the years, and after her break-up with her fiancee, Robin had no desire for anything complicated or serious. She just wanted to play. Robin found herself more open to trying new things, like swingers clubs and drugs. Before, she had been conservative and held a tight grip on her feelings and self. Robin wanted to try new things and new people. Her friendship with Tom deepened, and she found she was spending more enjoyable time with him, being his friend.

first threesome of Carol

Carol’s First Threesome

I have always had this desire to have a threesome with another woman and
a man, and the other day this desire of mine came true. But let me start
at the beginning.

My name is Carol, and I’m twenty five, and I work in a shop in the
center of town. I think I’m very nice looking, for I have a first class
figure, and I like sex more than anything else in the world.

I am bi-sexual, and found that out some time ago, and making it with
another woman is very nice. But, to be honest, for a real thrill, for
the best possible orgasms, I go to a man, for I only feel really happy
and satisfied when I have a nice red hot cock inside of me.

Well, although I had made it with other women, I always had this
secret desire to have a threesome, a man, and me, and another woman, but
try as I might, I had been unable to get it together ….. until a few
days ago that is.

I was out shopping when I ran into Jane, and I hadn’t seen her for
ages. She is the same age as me and we used to fuck with each other
quite a lot, and then we sort of drifted apart.

We were both pleased to see each other, so we went into this little
coffee bar for a drink and a chat.

“Where do you live now?” I asked, for she had moved out of town six
months earlier.

“I’ve moved back,” she said. “I live just around the corner from
you. I’ve only been back a few days, and I was meaning to look you up.”

I stared at her across the table, and then picked up my cup. She
looked lovely with her long blonde hair and her sexy eyes and her lovely
smile. Just looking at her reminded me of the times we had fucked, and
thinking about that made the juices cream up inside me.

“Perhaps we could get together again sometime?” I suggested.

“That would be nice,” she said, she nodded and then she smiled. “I
remember how lovely your pussy used to taste,” she went on. “I loved
going down on you and licking your cunt.”

“I loved the taste of your sweet pussy also,” I said, and looked at
her and added. “how about getting together again?”

“I live with this man called Bill,” she said.


“But come around and see me, Carol,” she said. “Come round and we’ll
have a threesome. I’m sure you’ll like Bill, he’s a great lover, with a
huge cock, and I’m sure he’d really love to get his cock inside you.”

“You always did say what you were thinking, Jane,” I said.

“No point in beating around the bush,” she replied. “look, here’s my
new address, come around this evening; meet Bill, and if you like him
then we’ll all get it together.”

“If you like him, them I’m sure I’ll like him,” I said.

“He has the tastiest cock that I’ve ever sucked,” she said, and she
stirred some sugar into her coffee.

“I like good tasty cock,” I replied.

“Yes, I know you do,” she said. “Not only has he got this huge cock,
but he really does know how to use it.”

“That’s nice,” I whispered, and the thought of a threesome that very
evening was making me very wet indeed, so wet that I thought my panties
would be a real mess when I got home.

“Look, come around about eight this evening,” she said, and she
finished her coffee and stood up. “I’m sure you’ll like him, and anyway,
I’m really looking forward to sucking out that pussy of yours again.”

“And I’m looking forward to tasting your cunt cream once more,” I
told her.

She smiled, waved, and left the coffee bar. I was feeling well
pleased with myself, for it looked as if that secret desire of mine was
about to come true. I walked home shortly after that, and when I took my
panties off to take a shower, sure enough, I found that they were so wet
that they were on the verge of falling apart.

I was feeling really horny thinking about what was going to happen
that night ….. I was sure I would like Bill, and the thought was
making me wet as anything, and so I thought I had to do something about

I left my clothes in a heap on the bedroom floor, and got onto the
bed. My large, firm tits were heaving up and down, and my inch long
nipples were as hard as they could possibly be.

I reached down with my right hand and slowly pushed two of my
fingers all the way up into my soaking wet cunt. Of course, I was so
worked up, that as soon as my fingers started to go up there inside my
pussy I had a screaming orgasm.

I needed that, and it was nice, but I wanted more, and so I pushed
them out into my wet pussy a little more and started to rub them against
my cunt walls, twisting them around inside myself, and multiple orgasms
raced through my groin, so big, so lovely that I started to pant out
loud, and then as I worked my stiff fingers in and out, volumes of cunt
juice escaped from my cunt wetting my entire hand.

Yes, I thought, as I carried on wanking my love hole, this will really
put me in the mood for the rest of the evening.

The feel of my fingers up there inside my pussy was a real big turn
on, and my juices were flowing nice and freely. I didn’t wank off too
fast, for I didn’t want to tire myself out, well not too much anyway.

I wanked away for a few minutes longer, and then removed my fingers
from my sticky pussy hole, and licked them dry. God, I loved the taste
of myself!

I had a shower, something to eat, then about eight I went around to
Jane’s place, and she was more than pleased to see me.

“Come in and meet Bill,” she said

I went into the lounge, and Bill was there, and I liked him on the
spot. I liked his looks, and I liked the fact that he was naked, and
that his cock was huge and thick, and that his balls were full and

He was flat on his back on the carpet, and going by the way his cock
was gleaming, it was rather obvious that Jane had been giving it a good
licking just before I had arrived.

“Just warming up,” said Jane, who was still fully dressed.

“I like that cock,” I said.

“I’m pleased,” said Bill.

“I said you two would get along,” smiled Jane. “Hey, let’s go into
the bedroom and get some real action going, shall we?”

I nodded, and so did Bill, and then he stood up, and to be honest, I
couldn’t take my eyes from that cock of his. It just had to be one of
the thickest cocks that I had ever seen, and to tell another truth, I
wanted it inside of me so badly that it hurt, if you know what I mean.

“I can tell you like that prick,” said Jane, as we went into the

“It’s making me wet just looking at it,” I said.

“Well, be my guest,” said Jane, and she started to help me get
undressed. “And don’t worry, he can fuck all night. He recovers very
fast and can easily manage the both of us.”

I was now naked and so was Jane, and her body was lovely. It was the
same as I remembered it. She had breasts that were the same size as
mine, though her nipples were a deep pink in color, but like me, she had
trimmed her pussy hair fairly close so that her lips showed up nicely.

Her lips were pouting and wet, and she smiled at me again.

“Just to see if you still taste as good,” she said, and then went
down on her knees while I stood there by the side of the bed, and the
next thing I knew she was licking away at my pouty cunt lips.

Bill was sitting on the edge of the bed and he was watching. He was
looking more than happy. Well, most men would have looked happy to have
seen two naked women there, with one of them licking away at the others

I felt a thrill go through me as Jane’s wet tongue lapped away at my
pussy lips. Then, she was just poking away inside me with the tip of her
tongue, pushing just the tip inside my cunt, getting a taste of my hot
sweet juices.

After a minute or so, during which time she gave me a couple of good
orgasms, she stood up and licked her lips.

“You taste as good as ever,” she said.

“I want a taste,” said Bill.

“You can suck her out later,” said Jane, steering me toward the bed.
“Right now, Carol here wants to feel that cock of yours inside her cunt,
that’s right, isn’t it Carol?”

“Yes, I’d like that,” I said.

“Okay, come here and get fucked,” said Bill.

“How do you want it?” asked Jane.

“Well, Jane,” I said. “It would be nice if you sat on my face so
that I could suck you out, while Bill fucked my pussy with his lovely

“Now, that’s what I call a good idea,” said Jane.

I smiled and nodded, and I was pleased that she was going along with
what I wanted. This really was a secret desire come true, and I was sure
I was really going to enjoy every single thing that happened to me
during the course of the night.

I lay flat on my back, and then Jane moved up the bed and within a
few seconds she was crouched over my face, so that by looking up I could
see every single detail of her pussy.

Large drops of pussy juice were dripping down from her cunt, and
these were soon splashing over my face, and those drops were hot and
lovely. I opened my mouth and some fell inside and I drank them down
…. They tasted as good as ever.

Bill was watching all this. That is the good thing about a
threesome. A man has so much to watch. It must be a real turn on for a
man to see all that.

Anyway, she was above my face and her hot cunt was dripping juice,
and I was drinking it down making my own pussy produce gobs of juice of
it’s own.

Then Jane sat all the way down smothering my mouth with her pungent
pussy. It gave me both the opportunity and the pleasure to snake my
tongue up into her cunt and begin licking her out.

I heard her shout with joy as my tongue went up inside her, and soon
she was shaking like mad, proving that my efforts were making her cum
again and again.

I sucked away, lapped away up there inside her nice tasty pussy
hole, and then I felt something that made me have a huge climax.

What I felt was the head of a huge cock against my cunt lips, and
that is the sensation that will give any woman a mind blowing orgasm.

That cockhead of Bills was all purple, hot and huge, throbbing as he
pushed it gently against my pussy lips. I felt him increase the
pressure, then felt my lips part and my cunt cream flood and cover that
great cock.

Then he pushed some more, and if Jane’s cunt hadn’t been covering my
mouth and nose, if I hadn’t had my tongue buried inside of her sweet
pussy tube, then I would have let out the biggest sexual shout of my
life as Bill’s cock started to glide in and out of my cunt.

I pushed my tongue up higher into Jane’s wet cunt as Bill pushed his
cock deeper into my pussy hole, and the sensation was getting better and

I climaxed as his swollen cockhead touched the very depths of my
fuck hole, and as he pushed in, as that shaft made the walls of my love
tunnel bulge out, I thought I was going to faint from the pleasure of it

This threesome thing was good, if not better than I ever thought it
could be. I heaved and had another orgasm as he pulled out, and now only
the tip of his swollen cockhead was inside me, and I started to suck
harder at Jane’s cunt as he pushed his cock back inside me.

This was sheer heaven, this was bliss, this was out of this world. I
had a thick cock going in and out of my pussy, and I had my tongue going
in and out of Jane’s pussy. I was truly in fuck heaven!

Then Bill started to deep stroke my cunt hard and fast, started to
really pump away with that lovely cock of his, and I continued to cum
more than I ever had before.

I was finding it hard to breath, I needed to shout and sob from all
the pleasure that I was getting, and Jane’s must have realized this, for
she suddenly rolled from my face.

I lifted my legs in the air, and I put my arms around Bill and held
him close as he carried on pumping my cunt with his huge cock.

Jane looked down at me and she smiled, and the she leaned over and
kissed me on the mouth, using the tip of her tongue to lick up all the
drops of her pussy juice from my face.

After she had done that, and while Bill was still shafting his
prick in and out of my pussy hole at one hell of a speed, Jane moved
down and was running her tongue over my tits. She moved again and
started to rub her tits all over Bill’s ass.

Of course, any man loves to have naked tits rubbed against his ass,
and likes it even more when his cock his flashing in and out of another
woman’s cunt hole. This turned Bill on so much, that as Jane rubbed her
hard nipples over his ass, his cock became harder inside my cunt, which
gave me another series of hot orgasms.

Then I had a mega cum, for Bill had given this deep thrust into me,
so deep and hard, and beautiful, that for a moment I thought his balls
were in me as well ….. and that would have been wonderful!

Yes, he gave that deep plunge with his hot cock and I felt violent
bursts of hot cum shoot from his prick. Now some women say they can’t
feel it when a man cums inside them. I just can’t understand those
women. I always, but always feel every single drop when a man shoots his
hot load inside my pussy hole.

And believe me I felt every drop of Bills load as it went into me,
and Jane was making really sure that I received everything that he had
to offer, for she was reaching between Bill’s legs and was using her
fingers on his balls, squeezing and pulling at them. Not that he needed
any help, for he was shooting out great dollops of cum into my cunt and
the orgasms were flooding through me hard and fast.

He was amazing as he pumped away, yes, he was still thrusting that
lovely cock of his hard into my pussy as it spurted a never ending
torrent of thick, hot cum.

I don’t think I’ve ever had spunk shot so deep in my pussy as it
was then. When I say that my pussy hole, my fuck tube, was filled with
that man’s spunk, I mean every single word of it!

He pumped away until the last few drops came from him, pulled out
and rolled over on his back, and like me was gasping for breath. He lay
there, his cock glistening and still semi-erect, coated with my pussy
juice and traces of white male cum.

But, that cock that had just given me the fuck of my life didn’t
stay wet for long, for Jane looked at it, let out a sigh of lust, and
within seconds her tongue was moving all over that limp dick.

I was also out of breath, and lay there, legs spread wide apart as
I felt that lovely spunk of Bill’s that had filled my pussy. I lay
there, my cunt pulsating, the hairs glistening with my wetness and
Bill’s discharge ….. I was in heaven!

I could feel it clinging to the inside walls of my pussy, and I
could also feel it starting to dribble out from my cunt. Thick globs of
it, mingling with my own pussy cream and slowly running from my fuck
hole, some of it staying on my pussy lips, some running down a little
more onto my thighs. It was a lovely, sticky, wet feeling, that after
sex feeling that I just adore.

Jane had finished lapping away at Bill’s cock, and had done a grand
job. She had licked it nice and clean, had lapped it dry, and was sexily
licking her lips.

“What a lovely sight,” she said, as she looked at my pussy.

“You can say that again,” said Bill, as he glanced over at me.

“It’s so hot, all that white cum flowing from your cunt,” said

“I know what you’re thinking,” said Bill, as he looked at Jane and

“What can she be thinking,” I asked.

“She is thinking,” said Bill, that she would like to go down on you
and suck out your pussy.”

“What, with all your spunk inside me?”

“That’s right,” said Bill, and he smiled. “Jane is a very kinky gal
indeed. What do you think?”

I though for a moment and agreed that it sounded good. After all, I
had wanted a threesome, and I knew that Jane was really sexy, and I said
that I wanted to try out everything and anything. I hadn’t said that
last bit to those two, but I had said it to myself while in the shower
before going to their place.

“Here Jane, Have a good suck,” I said and opened my legs even

“Here I go,” said Jane, as she dove down between my legs. Bill
smiled, and leaned closer so that he could see every single detail of
what Jane was about to do to my cum filled pussy hole.

“Oh, that’s so good,” I moaned, as I felt Jane’s wet tongue begin
moving all over my pussy lips.

Now it’s obvious that I’ve been licked and sucked by many women,
but it is also obvious that this is the first time that another woman
has sucked cum from my pussy. Of course I new what it would taste like
taken from my well fucked pussy.

Sure I knew the taste …. because often, after a man had fucked
me, I’d reach down there with one or the other of my hands and push a
couple of fingers inside me and wank off for a while, and pull those
fingers out of me coated with all that man spunk. I’d then lick my
fingers, lick them dry and clean. So I knew what spunk taken from my
well fucked pussy really did taste like. But, it had never been taken
from my pussy like this before, never by another hot woman’s lips and

I felt her tongue and lips sucking wildly at my hole, felt her
licking and sucking all the cream from there, and of course the mere
touch of her pointed tongue on my hard clit gave me a huge climax all
over again.

“Oh, what a lovely taste,” sighed Jane.

“What a lovely sight,” said Bill.

“What a fucking fantastic feeling,” I said.

Jane smiled, and then her head went down again, and this time her
tongue probed deep inside me. Her entire mouth covered my swollen pussy
lips as she wiggled her tongue inside me and lapped me out for all she
was worth.

The suction from her mouth when she got under way was really
something, and Bill’s cum came flowing from my pussy hole along with my
sticky cunt cream. It came gurgling and bubbling into her mouth, and it
goes without saying that as she sucked all that creamy mixture down, we
both had a couple of monster orgasms.

Yes, that was really fantastic, and I loved it, and as she sucked
out my well fucked hole, as more and more of Bill’s load came out and
into Jane’s mouth and covered her beautiful face, I thought to myself
that this desire I had, This fantasy I had wondered about all these
years had now come true, was the best I ever had. I loved it. I loved
everything about it coming true….. Will I ever have a threesome again?

A good spanking story

Boney asking Darius for a good Spanking March 24, 1997.

This story is being written today based on a few assumptions. Number

one assumption is that Boney is only writing one letter each week to me.

Another assumption I am making is that it has been agreed that we would try

our best to write two letters each week. We would be mailing them from the

closest easiest post-office because it does not matter how long it takes

for the letters to get here. If they are mailed regularly and with

punctuality they will arrive with regularity. Boney knows how much Darius

needs to see her writing and knows at least something of what was happening

in her life to keep his inpatients in check.

Boney and Darius had already had confrontations about this. Too many

times Darius had begged in his letters for this little favor. He told her

they did not have to be long letters. He told her they all didn’t have to

have a fantasy. He told her he just needed desperately to hear from her.

She had agreed and then reneged on this promise and even lied about it.

Darius Showing up in Manila just to correct this problem was a shocking and

happy surprise. The first day was wonderful. Meeting and going to the

Hotel. Eating together and making passionate love all night were great.

But there was just this problem to solve. Boney thought about it very

carefully. She knew that Darius had threatened to spank her over this very

thing. Also over her little white lies. She also knew that spanking

someone was a great sexual turn on for him. The more she thought about

this the more she decided that she could trust Darius enough for this.

When they were downstairs in the Hotel for Breakfast she said to him.

“Darius I have been bad and I deserve to be punished. I don’t want to be

hurt but I think it is important that we resolve this problem. I give you

my word and promise that I will write two letters a week to you and that I

will mail them two times a week. I also agree that I should be punished.

I know you will punish me with love. Darius I make you this promise and I

beg you to spank me so I will remember this promise.”

Darius’s eyes were gleaming at this but he didn’t say anything for a

long time. Boney could see that thoughts were streaking through his mind.

He was quiet for a long time. Just looking at her and drinking his coffee.

Finally he spoke.

“Boney I don’t think you understand what you are asking for

completely. So I am going to explain to you a little of what I expect and

what will happen so that you can rethink your decision. Sweetie. The lies

and the broken promises hurt me a lot. If I was going to spank you it

would be a real spanking. What I mean is that it would be a spanking like

you got when you were little. It would hurt. Once we started you couldn’t

change your mind and say no thanks now because it hurts too much. Boney if

I spanked you I would spank you until your bum was the same color red as on

the stripes of the air mail envelopes that I use. Boney it wouldn’t be a

good spanking unless you were crying and crying by the end of it. Boney

this spanking would not be make believe or pretend or only a fantasy. It

would be real. It would hurt you a lot. And yes I would probably make

love to you afterwards. But don’t think I would be making love to you just

because I got turned on by slapping your ass. I would be loving you

because I do. I would be spanking you because I love you too. If you

weren’t worth spanking, because I know you care and I know you love me,

then I wouldn’t bother at all. But I will tell you the rules I expect you

to follow if you want and get this spanking. Boney if I spank you then you

must promise to do exactly like I ask and not argue at all. I expect you

to cry. You will wear the clothes that I suggest and will not ask me to

stop. You may cry that you are sorry. You may tell me you love me. But

you cannot beg me to stop once I have begun. Boney. If you want this you

must realize that it will be a sever spanking. Probably the most sever

spanking you have ever gotten. You must agree to it fully. And you will

agree while it is happening. You cannot change your mind half way through.

I know I have just scared you with this but I want you to think about it.

Now we are going to Harrison Plaza to do some shopping this morning. I

don’t want to talk about it. You think about it. If you really want me to

spank you then ask me that question after we have finished lunch.”

Boney looked worried but thoughtful. They went down to Harrison and

Darius bought clothes for her. He also bought some shirts and things for

himself. The only strange thing was his insistence on buying a school

skirt for her. It looked like many of the skirts that school girls wore.

The only difference was that this skirt barely came to her knees. He also

bought white knee socks and some small white panties. He got a t-shirt in

white for her as well. She thought it was too small but he insisted it was

just right. Other that these little differences he was the same old

Darius. Loving and caring and making her laugh and teasing her all the

time. By the time they had got back to the hotel at lunch time she had

decided that she did want this spanking. Even if she did end up crying.

She knew Darius Loved her. She knew she hurt him when she told her little

white lies. She knew that he needed her letters and she was ashamed that

she had not given him what he needed so badly. She started to say

something when they got back to the room. But he stopped her and said only

after lunch. He took the school girl skirt the little white panties the

socks and the t-shirt out of the bags and laid them on the bed. The rest

of the bags he packed away in the corner. Then taking her hand in his he

brought her downstairs to the restaurant to eat.

Lunch was lovely. Darius ordered wine for both of them to drink. The

food was good and they laughed and joked about being apart so much. They

talked about family and Elsa the cow. How she thought his cartoons were

gross. Way too Graphic for her tastes. They laughed about the cartoon

with the girl sitting with the huge cock and complaining of the pain.

After last night she knew that she wouldn’t have this problem anymore.

They had even fallen asleep with his cock still inside her. Lunch was

beautiful and so much fun. And Boney was scared and nervous anyway.

Darius had ordered his after dinner coffee and said. “You had something

you wanted to say?”

Boney had thought about it and rehearsed it to herself. This morning

she had said. “Darius I have been bad and I deserve to be punished. I

don’t want to be hurt but I think it is important that we resolve this

problem. I give you my word and promise that I will write two letters a

week to you and that I will mail them two times a week. I also agree that

I should be punished. I know you will punish me with love. Darius I make

you this promise and I beg you to spank me so I will remember this

promise.” Now what would she say? She did want to do this. “Darius. I

love you and I know you love me. I was bad and deserve a bad spanking.

Darius would you spank me, please.”

“Okay Sweetie if that’s the way you want it. I will let you get out

of it until you get the first slap but after that you have to get all of

it. No backing out.”

Boney just nodded. She knew that she was going to get the whole thing

and it would hurt a lot but she wanted to make up for the hurt she had

given to him.

“Boney I am going to sit here and drink a couple of cups of coffee and

I want you to go up to our room. Take all your clothes off and have a good

shower. Fix up your hair into a pony tail. Make it up high on your head

not down at your neck. Then I want you to dress in the clothes I bought

for you this morning. No Bra under the t-shirt sweetie. White socks but

no shoes. It’s almost 2 right now. I will come up at 2:30. When I get to

the room you will be all dressed and kneeling in the middle of the floor.

You will be waiting for me. I don’t want you to speak too much. Just do

exactly what I say and when I say it. I want you to remember all through

this afternoon that I love you. I love you a lot or I would not go to all

this trouble. When you do talk to me upstairs then you will call me Sir as

if I was a teacher, that was scolding you and spanking you. Now go

Sweetie. I will see you in a half an hour.”

It was a scary half hour for Boney. She stripped and hopped into the

shower right away. When she got out she quickly blew her hair dry and then

started to get dressed. God what was happening to her. She was getting

excited just like when she read one of Darius’s stories. Her mouth was dry

from fear but her pussy was wet thinking of what was to come. She put on

the panties and found that they were quite small. The were high risers.

Cut high on the sides. She was covered well in the front but half of each

cheek of her bum stood outside the panties. She though she understood why

he had bought these. She hurried and put on her socks and then the T-

shirt. It was too small. It was like a tight band around her chest. Her

nipples where hard little rocks that pressed against the shirt and stood

out. Darius would see them as soon as he came in the room. That was good.

She was glad Darius would be able to see her excitement. She hurried into

the skirt tucking in what was left of the T-shirt. There was only a minute

or two left. She knelt down on the floor. Where could she put her hands.

She wanted to touch her nipples. She wanted to rub her pussy. She

couldn’t do these things. She was worried. He said he wanted her bottom

very red. How many spanks would he give her. 5, 10, 20, 50, maybe even

100. Oh no! Her mouth got dryer and her pussy got wetter just thinking of

this. The door started to open. Quickly she put her hands behind her back

clenching them together. Now he was with her. What Would happen next.

Now where were we? Oh Ya! Boney is on Her knees and horny and scared

at the same time and Darius is just coming into the room.

Darius walked in and sat in front of Boney on the end of the bed. He

just looked at her for a little while. Boney fidgeted. “I know you are

excited right now because I can see your nipples. But you won’t always be

excited. Especially when the spanks get harder.”

“Are you sure you want to go through with this. There’s only a little

time left for you to back out. Do you want to back out?”

Boney remember exactly what he had said down stairs. “No Sir”

“Good then stand up.”

“Now Boney I want you to reach down and lift up your skirt and bunch

it around your waist.”

Boney stood slowly. She bunched up her skirt. She felt embarrassed

like a little school girl. This was her husband who had seen her in much

less. This was her husband who had touched her everywhere and seen here

everywhere but still she was embarrassed. But she was still hot and scared

at the same time.

“Now turn around.”

Boney turned slowly. “Stop.” She was facing away from him. Darius

was looking at her bum. “Continue.” Boney continued to turn. When she

was again facing him. He said. “Come over here now and get across my

knee.” Boney moved over towards him. She loved him and this shone through

her eyes. His loving and caring were in his eyes as well — overshadowed

somewhat by a sternness of character. She draped herself across his knee.

His hand was already caressing her bum. A warm presence next to her skin

that had gotten cold as soon as she assumed this position. His fingers

were sliding along the edges of her panties. She was becoming even more

aroused. She could feel his dick pressing against her stomach. She was

almost comfortable. Her hands had reached to the floor as she no longer

had to hold up her skirt. She felt vulnerable but aroused. Scared but

excited too.

Darius’s hands continued to touch her softly. “Boney my sweetie this

will be your last chance to back out. But before you make your decision I

want you to know. Your spanking will be in three parts. This first part

is just a warm up. Then you will stand in front of me and remove your

skirt and panties and show your bum to me. Then you will come over my knee

again with your naked bum and then the hard spanking will begin. That will

be much harder. I haven’t decided how many yet but when you are crying

hard enough and your bum is red enough I will stop again. Then you will be

asked to stand again and take off the rest of your clothes. Then Boney my

sweetie I will ask you to kneel on the end of the bed here. I will ask you

to spread your knees very, very wide. Then I will push your face and chest

down to the bed. You will be very revealed. Your pussy will be expose and

your bumhole and by then the flaming red cheeks of your bum. Then you will

receive the last spanks you will get. I will tell you how many then. You

will be asked to count those ones as I give them to you. They will be the

hardest ones you get and will hurt you the most. But then it will be

finished. But Boney you have to remember you are in a hotel room and you

can’t scream. You will have to stop your self from doing this. Boney

don’t scream because if you do and someone comes to the door to find out

what is happening You will have to go to the door just as you are and

explain it to them. So if you scream when you are naked you will have to

explain at the door naked.”

Through all this explanation Darius’s hand had continued rubbing her

bottom softly. His fingers trailing along her panty edges. Even sliding

down between her thighs and teasing close to her pussy and bum. Making her

hotter and hotter. The talk was scaring her half to death but the hands

were making her hotter.

“Last chance Boney, Think for a minute then tell me wether you want me

to continue?”

Boney didn’t know what to do? She was hot. She was scared. She

loved Darius and knew he loved her. She knew she hurt and upset him. She

had meant to send the letters. But she was taking so long to write them.

She should have pushed herself to write faster. She also knew that if she

didn’t got through with this she would always wonder. She would always

think what if? Could she take the pain. She knew there would be pain.

She knew it would be given with love but at the same time there was that

sternness of character shadow that had been in Darius’s eyes. She knew

that he would really spank her. She knew that when he spoke of making her

bum red he meant it.

“Yes Sir — Darius please continue I know I deserve this and I

want this. If I stop I will never know will I.”

“Okay remember once the first spank hits there will be no turning

back. If you don’t co-operate then spanks will be added. Your going to

get a lot anyway and you don’t want to get anymore than you already have in

store for you. Are you ready?”

“Yes Sir — Just start please.”

His hands pulled at her panties suddenly. Surprising her. He tugged

them up sharply. Pulling and putting pressure on her pussy. Then the

hands left her bottom. His left hand dropped to her waist holding her

close to him. She could feel his excitement growing. His penis was

hardening under her. Then Spat! Oh! That didn’t hurt at all. Just a

really light sting. Spat! Spat! Spat! Spat! None of these really hurt.

Just a sharp tingling sensation. She had slapped herself harder killing

mosquito’s. Spat! Spat! Spat! Spat! Spat! He had cover most of her bum now

with these gentle taps. Spat! Spat! Spat! Spat! Spat! Spat! He was working

around the edges or her bum now. It wasn’t hurting yet but she could feel

it getting hotter. Spat! Spat! Spat! Spat! That was the bottom of her bum

just where her thighs met. Spat! Spat! Spat! Spat! Spat! Spat! Spat! Spat!

Spat! Spat! He’d covered her bum again. It was getting hotter now. His

hand was rubbing her gently now. Around and around and over both of her

glorious globes. Had he finished this part. She still didn’t feel like

crying. His rubbing was making her hotter again. His hand roamed all of

her even dipping between her legs to gently caress the lips of her pussy

and then back up brushing lightly over her bottom hole and back to her

thighs. How many had that been? Was he finished. His hand stopped

rubbing she shivered waiting for the renewed penance. Smack! Oh! She

moaned. That was harder. Smack! Smack! There was more of a sting to these.

Smack! Smack! These hurt. Not a lot but they did hurt. She groaned.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! She moaned again. He gave her a small

respite. The heat was building and so was Darius’s erection. She could

feel it under her tummy as she began to wiggle. Smack! Smack! Smack!

Smack! Oh! She moaned again. Smack! Smack! Smack! AAAAH! Smack! Smack!

Smack! The tears were starting to come to her eyes now. Again he was

stroking her bum. Rubbing and caressing and spreading and feeling the

heat. Was he finished. This was hurting now. No his hand had left her

bottom again. Smack! Smack! Ouch! Right on the bottom of her bottom. Just

where her bum met her thighs. One on each Thigh. Smack! Smack! Smack!

Smack! Ouch! AAAAAH! OH! This was hurting a lot now. He was landing the

blows in the same spot now. Smack! Smack! OUUUUUH! Please Darius.

Smack! Smack! He had stopped. Again he was rubbing her bottom. OH! She was

worried now. Her bottom was starting to get sore. He said the next part

would be even worse. Is he finished this part? His hands were driving her

crazy. Sliding along her warms bottom. Feeling her heat. Her bum was

only a very light pink under his gaze. His hand rubbed down between her

cheeks. Caressed the tight puckered ring of her butt and slid down to cup

and hold her pussy. Putting pressure where it was needed. She felt good

and was still excited. What? What? Had he said? Tears were dripping from

her eyes. She was not sniffling yet. He was speaking.

“Boney it’s time.”

Time for what she wondered? She didn’t want to move away from that

skillful hand that was making her want to cum.

“Boney it’s time to get up and take off your skirt and panties.” His

hand pulled away from her bottom. She pushed back against what she wanted

there but it was not there. She slide of his legs to kneel at his feet.

“Come on Boney! It’s time for you to take off your skirt and panties.

Come on sweetie stand up here in front of me and take them off.”

Boney stood slowly. She felt a little wobbly and her bottom felt a

little warm and swollen. But she moved in front of Darius. She undid her

skirt and let it fall to the floor. Just the panties to go. Why did she

feel so embarrassed in front of her husband. She could feel the material

of her panties pressing against her mound. She had shaved carefully when

she had come up for her shower. There was hair at the top of her mound but

the rest was bare. She put her thumbs into the waistband and pushed them

down. She looked at Darius. The twinkle was still in his eye. The

sternness was still there as well. She could see his eyes devouring very

inch of her. Looking at her breasts. Looking at her pussy. She could

feel the heat of his gaze.

“Turn around sweetie. I want to see your bum.” Boney complied and

even pushed her bum out towards him a little. Her bum was a uniform light

pink color. From the top to the point where it reached her thighs. The

sides too were pink. Just slightly colored. She could feel his gaze

lingering on her. He got up and went into the bathroom. She could hear the

water running. She didn’t know what he was doing so she just stood there.

He came back into the room and she could see he had the ice bucket with

water and a face cloth in it. He had tissues in his other hand. He put

the bucket down and came over to her with the tissues and let her wipe her

eyes. His hands were cold. He must have had them in the cold water.

Again he went around behind her. She could hear him moving around.

“Come here now my love. It’s time for part two.” As she turned she

could see he had undressed himself. His shirt was off and so were his

trousers. He sat on the edge of the bed again wearing just his boxer

shorts. She could see the bulge of his manhood. Again she draped herself

across his knees. She could feel his heat now. Her bum felt hot but his

skin felt on fire. His erection pressed into her abdomen like a log. He

was speaking again.

“Boney this will be much, much harder now so remember don’t scream.

Are you ready?”

She thought about it for a few seconds. Was she really ready. It’s

too late to back out now. Surely these blows wouldn’t hurt that much more.

She had done well up till now. His hand was again rubbing her bottom.

Plundering the treasure between her legs. Making her hot again. I guess I

am as ready if I am ever going to be ready. Why talk about screaming? Was

it going to hurt that much? Well there was only one way to find out.

“I’m ready.” His hand continued to rub her ass. Tantalizing and

teasing. Grazing her pussy when what she really wanted was for him to grab

it. He kept it up for quite a long while. She was getting more and more

excited. But he would not let her climb the mountain. He just excited her

enough to make her want to be more excited. Then he stopped. His hand

moved from her bottom.

“Ready?” She only nodded. Craaack! He had hit her just after she had

exhaled. Oh! Oh! My Goodness. His hands was like wood. She knew he had

strong hands but this was ridiculous. Damn that hurt. If the first spank

was like a mosquito slap then this was like a dog bite. A huge vicious

dog. Her right bottom cheek ached. She would be screaming if only she

could get her breath. Finally she caught her breath. “Darius Please,

Please Darius.” She said and just as she finished and went to inhale

again. Craaack! Oh my God. Her left cheek this time. Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuh!

Ouuuuuuuuuuuh! “Please Darius. I’ll be good Darius. I promise

Darius.” Again she had finally gotten her breath and she had pleaded with

him and just as she ran out of breath. Craaack! Craaack!

Twooooooooooooo! One to each cheek. Right on top of the first ones. Her

ass was on fire. Her hands speed behind her and tried to cover her bottom.

Oh god how could he do this to her. The pain was tremendous and this was

only the beginning. How many spanks had he given her in part 1? She

didn’t know. How many did he expect her to take in this part. There were

tears in her eyes now. She was crying already. Not just tears. Sobs.

His hand was rubbing her the top of her legs now. Dipping and teasing her

pussy and she wanted nothing to do with that. Her excitement was gone.

She closed her legs and waited. He waited as well. Gently caressing the

back of her thighs. He gave her a while. He let her regain her composure.

Time he gave her. Time for the heat of those first blows to sink into

her. He was just using his hand. But he struck her as if it was wood.

The pain was unbelievable. Please God don’t let him hit me too much more.

He moved to imprisoned her hands which had been clutching at the hot spots

on her cheeks. He folded them together and held them into the small of her


“Tell me when you’re ready. I’m only going to give you half as many

as the warm-up spank.” God half as many and ten times as hard added up to

a lot of pain. How many spanks had he given her in the first set. It was

a lot but it hadn’t really seemed like all that many at the time. Was it

twenty? No! No! It was more than that. Forty? Yes! Yes it must have been

forty. No! It could have been more than that. Half of forty was twenty.

He had given her four already. Could she take 16 more like that. That was

a lot. It could have been more than forty. If it was fifty that would

mean 21 more to go. Oh! No!

“Darius! Please. It hurts Darius. I know I deserve it but it hurts

so much Darius.” She sobbed. Darius did nothing just waited for her. She

sobbed and sobbed. She tried to struggle a little just to see but his arms

were like steel holding her in place. There was no excitement in her now.

Just pain. Why wouldn’t he let her go. He wasn’t spanking her why not let

her go?

“Tell me when you’re ready.” I’ll never be ready for more of this.

She thought but he just continued to hold her. Why? Why? She was

wracking her brain trying to think of the reason. What reason could he

have. Then she knew. The bargain. Her Bargain with him. Once started no

stop. A promise made. A promise to keep. That was why she was here. She

promised the letters and didn’t follow through. She promised and she lied.

Well he had tricked her! —– —- — ——– —— No! He hadn’t

tricked her. He told her everything. Even before he started he told her

everything except the numbers. God her bum hurt. He told her this part

was going to hurt a lot more. And boy did it hurt a lot more. I promised

him. But I didn’t understand what I was promising. But he gave me lots of

chances to back out and I said NO.

“Tell me when you’re ready.” I’ll never be ready for this. Oh! Why

did I agree to this. I don’t like this. I should have known better than

to trust him this much. Tell you when I’m ready? I’ll never be ready.

But it was a bargain. A bargain that he gave her every opportunity to back

out of. A bargain that she didn’t think about all that much. Her thoughts

whirled around in her head. One way and then the other. She must have

hung over his lap for five minutes trying to decide what to do. He knew

she was thinking. She tried wriggling away again. Mr. Steel back there.

What there was something missing. She wriggled again not trying to get

away just trying to see what was different. She knew now. No hard on. It

was gone. Just a little flaccid Penis. Just a little worm against her

tummy now. No more raging hard on. Why was it gone. I thought he was

enjoying this. No Bargain. The bargain. What Bargain. Where to go. I

guess it boils down to keeping my word. But how can I keep my word when it

hurts so much. I have to. The thoughts went round and round. Finally her

breathing was back. Her sobs had almost stopped. Her tears still flowed

and she heard him.

“Tell Me when you’re ready?” Was she ready. She had to be ready. It

was a bargain she made. She nodded her head. How many more.

“I won’t be helping you this time. Make sure you don’t scream. Bite

your teeth together hard so you don’t scream.”

She shook her head. She was as ready as she would ever be. Craaack!

Grunt. Oh! My that hurt. If anything even more than the first ones. At

least he had hit a new spot. Craaack! Again the other cheek but the same

new spot just a little lower than the last set. God it was hard not to

scream. Her breath exploded from her chest. It was almost a scream. His

hand left her ass. Get ready again she thought. Craaack! Breath grunting

out and Craaack! Grunt again half way. Tears were making a spot on the

rug in the room. Her nose was running. Craaack! Craaack! She arched up

almost right off his lap. Those two blows close together right near the

bottom of her bum right where the thighs met. Right where the skin was

most tender. Ragged sobs from her right now. Her bum felt like flames.

Why? Again that thought. Why? Craaack! Craaack! And a loud cry from

her. She wasn’t ready again. Again she tried to wriggle free. Still no

warmth from him to meet her tummy. That’s alright I’m not excited he

shouldn’t be either. Again he was speaking. She was shaking now. Crying

uncontrollably. Again his hand was rubbing gently across her flesh. The

newly hurt flesh. The hot steaming flesh. What was he saying.

“Tell me when you’re ready.” Her mind was in turmoil. She could

never be ready for something like this. How many spanks had he given her.

How many more would he give her. Her brain whirled around and around. The

pain. The promise. The hurt. The bargain. Finally she settled down


“Tell me when you’re ready.” Was she ready. She could never be

ready. It hurt too much to be ready. He was killing her. But it was her


“It hurts too much Darius. I love you Darius. Don’t do this to me!”

She sobbed out to him.

“I love you too sweet pea. ———- Tell me when you’re ready.”

Would she ever be ready. If he loved her he wouldn’t continue with this.

But maybe he would if it was a lesson that really could be learned.

Thoughts still a whirl. Her breath coming back. Her sobs slowing down.

“Tell me when you’re ready.”

She nodded. She could only nod. It was her decision. His hand

lifted. She bite down hard so she didn’t scream. Craaack! Craaack! A

sobbing breath. Groans and moans and then the hand lifted again. Craaack!

Craaack! OoooooooooooooooooooH! How many more. The hand lifting. Bite

down hard. Craaack! Craaack! One sobbing breath and then Craaack!

Craaack! . His hand resting on her ass. If felt boiled. Was it over.

His hand just gently rubbing her cheeks. This was painful too. It gentled

her but at the same time caused her fried nerve endings to squeal again.

“Please Darius. How many more Darius? It hurts so much Darius. I

love you Darius but this hurts too much Darius.” Her cries were sobbed out

to his ears.

“Just ten more sweet pea. I love you Boney. I love you so much.

Tell me when you’re ready.” Ten more. He couldn’t mean it. Ten more.

God the pain. He hit so hard. How could he say he loved her. She wiggled

again. She twisted herself around to look up at him and was shocked. She

faced down again. He was beating her ass as hard as he could and he had

tears in his eyes. What the hell was going on. Her sobbing and hurting

were making her incoherent. She twisted herself around again. Yes there

was a tear running down his cheek and his eyes were all watery. She was

having trouble thinking. What was she thinking. The bargain. The

promise. She made the bargain. He kept his promise. Did promises involve

this kind of pain. Why was he crying. I’m ready. I’m ready as I will

ever be for this torment. Ten more he said. I can take Ten more.

“Tell me when you’re ready.”

“Ready.” She croaked out around sobs and tears and moans of pain.

The hand lifted. She Bite down. Craaack! Craaack! Two blows eight left.

He must have cover all of her bum by now. Her whole ass felt like it was

on fire. Again the hand lifted. Craaack! Craaack! Cries and moans and

groans and grunts. No more modesty she didn’t care. His hands caressed

her again. Sliding gently over her burning globes. Sliding down between

her legs. Touching her pussy. Rubbing her clit. There’s six left come on

finish there are still six more. But moistness was coming back to her

pussy. Her bum was so hot that it was making her pussy hot too. The hand

lifting off. Bite down hard. Craaack! Craaack! Ooooooooooooooh! Right

at the bottom of the bum cheek just were the thigh met. This was the most

tender spot. Rubbing again. Caressing again. Stimulating her. Transfer

heat. Oh! What was he doing. He wasn’t getting hard again. She could

feel him still and he was still the little worm. Why was he getting her so

hot and not getting hot himself. His fingers caressing her clit. Making

that small tiny part of her throb like the heat coming from her ass. The

hand was lifting. Bite down. Craaack! Craaack! Two quick ones. Sobs

become louder and louder. The same spot again and again the caresses.

Again she was excited. Why was she excited? Why was he crying? The heat.

It was the heat from her bottom that was doing that to her. His fingers

were driving her crazy now. Was he finished yet? He said ten more how

many had it been. Was it ten or was it six. She couldn’t think but at the

same time couldn’t get the picture out of her mind of the tears running

down his face. He had stopped again his hand had lifted again. Bite down

hard. Bite down hard. What was happening. What’s he waiting for.

Craaack! Craaack! Shriek. The same spot again. Right at the

bottom of her ass. Half ass — half thigh. So close to her pussy. She

could feel the heat radiating to her pussy. His hand was back at work

again. Sliding between her legs. Sliding between her lips. Touching,

caressing, rubbing, probing and stimulating her clit. She was starting to

climb the mountain. She didn’t want to climb the mountain. She hurt to

much to climb the mountain. Was it over. Was it. She wasn’t climbing

any higher then. She wriggled and tried to move and slid right off his

lap. He helped her to stand up. Then he was removing her t-shirt. There

were tears streaming down his face. I must be mistaken. They’re my tears

and I just see them on his face because they are clouding my eyes. He

turned her again. Pushed her forward and she was on the bed. He helped

her kneel. He didn’t have to push her head and chest down they were

already there. Weeping into the covers of the bed. What was he doing her

ass was on fire. She was imagining her tears on his face. And he was

making her kneel on the bed. He left her momentarily and suddenly her ass

was frozen. He had reached down and gotten the face cloth. Draped the

cold cloth over her blazing bum. Oh! Goodness that was shocking but it

felt so good but not for long. Soon he removed that cloth only to replace

it with another. He was cooling her off. Helping to relieve the sting.

No It wasn’t a sting is was a blazing wildfire and he was helping to put it

out. He dropped a box of tissues beside her on the bed. She used them to

wipe her nose and help to dry her eyes for a second. She was still sobbing

but at the same time she took the opportunity to look back at him as he

worked at her bottom. Cooling the heat. Those were his tears. They were

still pouring down his cheeks. She was beginning to understand. Then he

stopped what he was doing. He went over to one of the shopping bags and

came back to her. He urged her to move. He spread her legs apart. She

felt obscenely on display. Her knees were so far apart that her crotch was

aching already. This must be the third part. Could he see through his

tears to spank her. He took a tissue for himself and wiped at his eyes.

They he picked up the ruler that he had laid on the bed. She was shocked

to see this but understood at the same time. She could see him lining up

beside her.

“Ask me when you’re ready for the first one. There will be only ten.”

She looked back at him. Tears were still streaming from his eyes. There

was no erection she could see. And she could see everything. His penis

was hanging through the slot in the front of his boxer shorts. She took

some breaths. She turned back to the front. She knew this was going to be

the worst. This was going to hurt even more than the second part. She

clutched some of the blanket in front of her. “Please I’m ready. Please

give me the first one.” Then she bit down on the blanket in front of her.

Swissh! —– Plaaaaaaaaat! Liquid fire flared across the cheeks of

her ass. The ruler had hit. There must be welts. Her groans were

tremendous. Her pain stupendous. But soon there were lips kissing that

line of fire. It hurt so much but a tongue was laving it. And when it

finished laving the line of fire it slid down and laved her bum crease and

slide down to her pussy. That tongue licked a slithered over her clit.

Boney got her breath back and turned to look. She could not see Darius.

His face was buried between her legs. His tongue bringing her to

mountainous heights. “Please I’m ready. Please give me the second one.”

His face came up from between her thighs. The tears were still streaming

down his face. They were both crying now. She turned again and bite into

the blanket. Swissh! —– Plaaaaaaaaat! Again the same results. A

hissing burning line of liquid fire cooled by nibbling lips and caressing


“Please I’m ready. Give me the Third.” Swissh! —– Plaaaaaaaaat!

Cooling lips. Rain of hot tears. Caressing tongue.

“Please I’m ready. Give me the fourth.” Swissh! —– Plaaaaaaaaat!

Cooling lips. Rain of hot tears. Caressing tongue.

“Please I’m ready. Give me the fifth.” Swissh! —– Plaaaaaaaaat!

Cooling lips. Rain of hot tears. Caressing tongue.

“Please I’m ready. Give me the Sixth.” Swissh! —– Plaaaaaaaaat!

Cooling lips. Rain of hot tears. Caressing tongue.

“Please I’m ready. Give me the Seventh.” Swissh! —– Plaaaaaaaaat!

Cooling lips. Rain of hot tears. Caressing tongue. As he caressed her she

climbed the mountain. These blows were the worst and the best. She

finally understood everything. As she moved and moaned and got ready for

her next request. Darius stood readying himself she could see that her

beautiful flower was having an effect on him. He was getting hard again.

“Please I’m ready. Give me the Eighth.” Swissh! —– Plaaaaaaaaat!

Cooling lips. Rain of hot tears. Caressing tongue. Even harder cock. Her

cock. The tears were still there but her tears were still there too.

“Please I’m ready. Give me the Ninth.” Swissh! —– Plaaaaaaaaat!

Cooling lips. Rain of hot tears. Caressing tongue. Hard hot looking

cock. Her hot looking cock. Her lover her husband sharing this pain with

her. Her husband her cock his tongue making her climb the mountain despite

the pain.

“Please I’m ready. Give me the Last Swissh! —– Plaaaaaaaaat!

Cooling lips. Rain of hot tears. Caressing tongue. Heat. Pain. Caring.

Sharing. Loving. Excitement. She turned to look back. It took longer

this time. The pain from the last blow had been ferocious hitting at just

the bottom of her ass. She hurt so much. But he had made her so excited.

His tongue and lips had helped but the tears were what really got him hot.

She was glad she had agreed to this. God it hurt but it felt so good too.

Not between her legs. That felt nice. But in her hearts. She had two

hearts now. She new she had two hearts. She saw her two hearts in action.

Her soft heart and her hard heart. The heart that shared her pain but

gave her the lessons that she needed. The heart that cared enough to teach

her the only way she would ever learn a lesson this well. Tears still

welled up from her eyes. Not pain now. Love. But sometimes love hurts


“Please I’m ready. Give me my cock now.” Darius’s head lifted up from it’s

work between her legs. She was hot and wet and on the verge of coming.

His cock stood at attention between his legs.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes” she said and watched as he dropped his boxers and stood in all

his glory before her. “Please I’m ready. Give me my cock now.” He moved

behind her and she could feel the heat of his cock as he split her lips.

She could feel his hardness as he slid slowly into her. She could feel him

hesitate before pressing up against her ruby red and welted ass. She

sighed and pushed herself back against him. The pain and pleasure flowed

together and instantly they both jumped to the top of the mountain. The

orgasms were shattering. This wasn’t the end for them but only the

beginning. This was understanding and closeness more than anything that

had ever happened before.

The End or The BEGINNING

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