Girls like it two ways

girls take it two ways
I thrust into Claire for a dozen strokes, then withdrawing my throbbing
juice soaked shaft, I drove it into Tracy’s gaping, upturned mouth. She
choked slightly on its length as it thrust down her throat, but as she
relaxed it slowly slid deeper and deeper down her gullet, before the
swollen head lodged deep in her throat. Withdrawing slightly so that she
could lick and suck my length clean of Claire’s cunt juice, I repeated the
process with the other sister by shuffling around to the other end and
turning them over. I plunged my cock into Tracy’s cunt, letting Claire suck
it clean afterwards.

After shafting each girls cunt a couple of times I felt my resistance
giving way. Plunging deeper into Claire’s cunt I sprayed my first spurts of
spunk deep inside her, before whipping out my spurting cock to cover
Tracy’s face with sperm as I tried to plunge it into her gaping mouth.
Finally succeeding in plugging my throat with my still spurting cock