Rammed holes

Alice stared at the organ. Dave took the back of her head and directed
her mouth to his cock.

In the end it was easier to suck his cock than it was to refuse.

Dave’s cock had grown to its earlier proportions fairly quickly. Alice
was at least fairly sure that he didn’t expect her to let him erupt in her
mouth. When he was hard he had continued to have her suck on him, guiding her
mouth up and down, setting the tempo.

Alice had begun to worry when he had pulled it out.

Dave turned her back over on her hands and knees. She had pulled two of
the pillows from the bed to put under her arms for support. He had reached
around and was fingering her slit from behind her.

Unable to hold still, she thrust her ass back at his cock. She wanted to
feel his cock inside her and, oddly, she was thrilled to be getting it on her
hands and knees again.

The phrase, “Like a bitch!” went on and on in her head as she shoved her
bottom out to receive his prick.

Dave entered her slowly. He seemed to want to slow her down, to make his
strokes as long as possible. After four strokes, he pulled out and put his
now well lubricated cock against the rosebud of her asshole.

He had the head in before she had stopped shoving her ass back at him,
trying to recapture his cock.